6 Tips to Help Your Aging Dog Feel Young

It is a fact of life that puppies won’t keep their small, playful nature forever. Eventually, your furry friend is going to start showing signs of aging. It can be very disheartening to see the first gray hairs appear on your pet, but aging dogs can still live for many years. The key to helping your older dog live a comfortable rest of their life is through doing your part as their owner and friend. Here are 6 tips to help your aging dog feel young.

1. Keep Them Active

It is important to keep your aging dog mobile and active. A daily walk is a great way to keep them healthy and help their joints. It is probably not a good idea to make them run for any period, but studies have shown that daily walks are great for all aging pets and humans. This can also be an effective way to manage their weight, as excess weight dogs put unnecessary strain on their hips and joints.

2. Give Them Supplements 

Supplements can come in the form of pills or dog treats. There is a wide variety of supplemented dog treats to help aging joints, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. One very popular method of pain relief is cbd oil for dogs. This is a safe and effective way to help your dog manage their pain.

3. Play Games

Many dog owners play scent games and utilize food puzzles for their new puppy, but this is also very beneficial for use by older dogs as well. It helps to keep their scent and cognitive skills sharp. It is also a nice way to get your dog to have some fun and stimulate their senses.

4. Maintain a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet promotes a healthy weight, and both of these are important for your aging pup. Being overweight puts strain on your dog’s weakening joints. They must maintain a healthy weight and a nutritious diet. Many dog owners mix pumpkin into their dog’s food to stimulate digestive health and promote a soft and shiny fur coat.

5. Let Them Relax

Aging dogs need their rest, and sometimes their space. It is not realistic for an old dog to play and feel energized like they once did. The best way that you can help your aging dog feel young is by letting them sleep and recover from activity.

6. Utilize a Physical Therapist

This is a great option, especially for dogs that were very agile in their younger years. A physical therapist can work your dog through stretches to improve joint flexibility and relieve joint and muscle pain. Dogs are as likely as humans to get arthritis, so maintaining their joint health is a great way to manage pain. Taking your dog to a visit may also help them maintain their friendly and joyful demeanor. It is common that aging dogs try to distance themselves and become more fearful when dealing with pain.

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It can be very devastating to watch your once agile and playful pet spend most of their days sleeping. The best way that you can give them a high quality of life in their old age is through love, support, and promoting their health. Be sure to make time to spend with them, and make sure to give them ample attention, especially if they aren’t your only pet. It is common that dog owners adopt a new puppy when they have an aging dog, to bring a youthful dog back into the picture. A furry, playful companion could be beneficial to your aging dog, but don’t forget to give both dogs your attention. Puppies tend to attract more attention with training and their high energy levels, and an old dog may start to feel abandoned when this happens. Never let your dog feel like you no longer care about them. Give your aging dog the same love and care that they got as a puppy, and your connection will stay strong. By visiting the site you can know this about GOLDEN RETRIEVER VIDEOS