8 Safety Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Is scuba diving on your bucket list? Beginners may find scuba diving a scary task. Entering a new world where laws differ from what you’ve always known can be somewhat intimidating. But it’s also a lot of fun. Being scared to dive into the deep waters and not knowing what lurks beneath are pretty usual. Believing that the activity does not have any risks at all can also be harmful! Yes, one can drown or meet other accidents while in the deep, yet with rigorous training and practice, one can enjoy the adrenaline rush of scuba diving and further appreciate the world beneath those calm waters. Are you ready to start your first ever scuba diving adventure? Here are some helpful tips.

Do a lot of practice.

Be ready to get your feet wet and do a lot of practice with a trusted instructor. Before diving into the unpredictable ocean world, try doing your first sessions in a pool or a calm body of water. Have you finished your first scuba diving adventure? Don’t let that experience get you lazy! Keep those skills alive and practice as much as you can before. Do not wait for the next trip or the last few months before your certification expires! Refresh your skills or take a refresher course from a nearby scuba diving shop Sydney outlet to get your inspiration back.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Divers are a happy bunch of people. Most of them help each other and orient newcomers to the basic scuba diving rules. Don’t let your shyness get in the way of establishing connections with expert divers. When you meet them in a scuba diving shop Sydney outlet, try to be friendly with them and do not be scared to ask for help and clarifications. Asking early on before diving in the water would help you more as it is hard to talk below the water’s surface.

Be familiar with how to operate your dive computer.

A dive computer is an essential device that you must include in your checklist. This computer contains information such as depth, time, decompression limit, air pressure, and other valuable knowledge you need while underwater. Understanding how to read data from this device will let you know the limits of your dive and keep you away from danger.

You also have the option to rent a computer from a scuba diving shop Sydney outlet. Make sure to visit the shop ahead and discuss the functions you need for your next dive with the shop attendant.

Follow your pre-dive safety check by heart.

While training in a scuba diving shop Sydney, you surely will hear your instructor talk about the importance of BWRAF (Begin With Review And Friend). Though other divers may not be doing it, this should not be the reason you should skip it, too. Follow this code religiously by scanning your gear from head to toe and checking your body. Communicating any spotted trouble is essential to prevent problems in the water.

Relax. Don’t rush the process.

It is normal to feel excited and nervous at the same time. Relax and think that your time will come to explore the water. Scuba diving is a slow and relaxed sport that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Meanwhile, take time to pay attention to your breathing. Stay calm and keep your cool. You must be calm to maintain buoyancy and control your air consumption to enjoy the dive longer.

Avoid comparing your progress to others’ progress.

Every expert diver started somewhere as a novice. Your time will come when you reach that level. Meanwhile, try to focus on yourself and avoid being jealous of others’ achievements. Also, try acquiring as many skills and diving techniques as possible from your chosen scuba diving shop Sydney outlet. Avoid being embarrassed and try to reach out to them in case you have questions.

Be a scuba diver, not a photographer.

Scuba diving is meant to make one feel that they are part of that vast marine world. Meanwhile, with the advent of social media, many divers want to show off their diving skills. It’s okay to take pictures. However, focusing on taking photographs may make you overlook your safety and buoyancy control. It is best to leave the camera behind. You may also consider clipping it into your BCD to drop it freely.

Enjoy the moment.

While your first few times may prove overwhelming, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the immensity of the ocean. Rest assured that if you follow the above mentioned tips, you can have a great start and continue to have fun during the entire dive.