8 Tips on Choosing Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses, aside from the fact that they help you see clearly and protect your eyes, they have also been a fashion staple. Since eyeglasses greatly affect how you look, finding the perfect frame for you may be a daunting task, but it should not be. Here are some helpful tips to rock your glasses as if they are designer glasses made for you!

1. Always Consider your Face Shape

Once you try figuring out how to pick frames, identifying your face shape is a smart place to start. Choosing the right frame that will highlight and compliment your facial features is the key to finding the best frame for your eyeglasses. You can  determine the face of your shape in several ways. One easy way is to trace your face shape on a piece of paper with an erasable pen, and the search for the perfect shape now begins!

The look of your face should be balanced symmetrically with the glasses you wear. There are types of frames that draw more attention to certain facial features, so make sure to be careful in selecting one. People who have oval-shaped faces are the easiest to match since almost all shapes look good with them. On the other hand, people with a heart shaped face may consider circular frames that look bigger on top, to at least balance your chin.

The seven basic shapes you must try to learn are oval, base-up or base-down triangle, diamond, oblong, round, and square. Find out what best suits your face shape by exploring options.

2. Highlight Your Features

Choose a frame to showcase your greatest or favorite feature. Your eyes, skintone, hair, and facial shape are some qualities to consider emphasizing. For example, if you have green eyes, consider a nice, cute earth-green frame to highlight them.

3. Hue Rock!

Your skin, eyes, and hair all contribute to your overall coloration. Everyone’s overall color is either cool or warm. To compliment your colors, color palettes are readily available on the internet.

Finding colors that suit your skin tone doesn’t have to be tough. Cool skin tones are best with blue, gray or black frames while warm tones will be great with brown, pink and red colors. When you know how to choose frames, it is typically simple to determine which colors go well with your skin tone.

4. Size Matters

Experiment and try on different pairs to find which size best matches your facial features.

When you pick a small frame that doesn’t fit you, your peripheral vision and head movements will be affected. Be careful, because your eyeglasses’ frames should not pinch your nose, create red marks on your nose, slide down, or fall off your head easily. You should also consider the tightness of the frames in your ears, which can be adjusted to have the perfect fit, hence it is important to talk to your eye doctor and choose designer glasses made for you.

5. Your Lifestyle Is The Priority

Keep in mind that you should pick  frames that will suit all aspects of your life and are an expression of you and your personality. Pick eyeglasses that complement your unique hobbies and lifestyle.

When selecting frames, consider your routine tasks or usual activities. If you are more active outdoors, you may consider sports glasses.  On the other hand, if you spend long periods working on the computer, laptop, or phone, you may want to invest in eyeglasses with tinted lenses.

6. Consider The Bridge of Your Nose

When determining how to pick frames for your lifestyle, one of the most essential factors is ensuring that the frames fit at the bridge of your nose.

Your eyeglasses’ bridge, which refers to the arch between the two lenses, must be firmly held on the nose. If you do not choose the correct one,  your eyeglasses may slip down your face and/or sit uncomfortably on their nose, leading you to gaze over the lenses. As a result, it is best to choose glasses with a full bridge, a low bridge, or an inverted bridge depending on your case.

7. Flaunt Your Personality

Your eyeglasses’ frame is an excellent way to leave an impression and show off your personality. Don’t forget to select frames that showcase your own sense of style while understanding how to choose them. You can be overwhelmed in choosing from a wide range of shapes, colors, or patterns, but these will be meaningless if you are not comfortable and would not match who you are.

Understanding how to choose frames for professional, casual, or daily use is also essential. It is important to pick frames that highlight your personality while being appropriate for any environment you are in. Having said that,  you may consider investing in a set of loud-colored designer glasses for the weekend and a pair of comfy, functional glasses for the work week. Make sure you’re comfortable and pleased with your choice, no matter what style you choose.

8. Designer Glasses On A Budget

While being overwhelmed with all choices of your next eyeglass frame, you should consider your budget. If you are willing to spend limitless for the love of specs, good for you! But if you have a limited budget, you could decide to pick your frames carefully. Explore shops and vision clinics, there are several inexpensive frames that look like designer glasses. It’s easy to get carried away and fall in love with a pair of eyeglasses, so good luck!

Discuss it with your vision clinic or trusted eyeglass store to explore options for you.

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