Basic App Structure

After we have prepared the local Ionic development environment and learned the basics of developing Ionic apps, it’s time to dive into the details of Ionic framework. To better explain Ionic framework, we need to build a good sample app. In this book, we are going to create a mobile app for the popular Hacker News using Ionic 4. If you search for Hacker News apps in major app stores, you can find a lot of existing apps. But this book still uses Hacker News app as the sample for the following reasons: Buy RDP From reliable sites.

  • Hacker News is very popular in the community, so it’s easy for developers to understand what this app is for. We don’t need to explain the background for the app.
  • This app represents many content-centric mobile apps that are suitable for building with Ionic. What we discussed in this book can be applied in real-world product development.
  • Hacker News has a Firebase-based API to retrieve its data, so it’s a good example of both Ionic and Firebase. To describe the app’s requirements, we list the main user stories as below.
  • View top stories – Users can view a list of top stories on Hacker News and view the page of each story. 104
  • View comments – For each story, users can view its comments. For each comment, users can also view replies to that comment.
  • Add stories to favorites – Users can add a story to favorites and see a list of all favorite stories.
  • Share stories – Users can share stories to the social network. In the following chapters, we are going to implement these user stories. In this chapter, we’ll create the basic skeleton code for the app and explore the app structure. This is important to understand code structure and conventions for Ionic 4 apps. After reading this chapter, you should be familiar with the code structure and know where to add new code.Pagalmovies is the best website for you to download the latest movie at no cost. You can also download free movie from this Tamilmv.