Hoodoo love spells

Most hoodoo love spells are like hunting with fight dogs. Don’t forget that voodoo spells engage a spirit which is usually quite violent and aggressive. The spirit’s job is to track down the target. Having found him, the spirits tries to force him to love the client. It forces the target to be with the client and doesn’t let him leave the client. So doesn’t it remind you of hunting? Would you like to be forced to love anyone? If your answer is “NO”, then keep reading this article as we’re about to teach you some safer ways to use love voodoo.

All rituals described in this article are great because they don’t force the target to love anyone. They just open the target’s heart for you to put your love inside. It means I that you should love the target, love him deeply, and don’t be afraid to embrace and share your love with him. Without love, the rituals won’t help you get the desired result. If that’s the case, go to a voodoo shaman or another proven spellcaster whom you trust and let him perform a good ritual for you.​ Are you considering buying voodoo spells for love? Or maybe casting a voodoo love spell on your own? Then this article: by Spellcaster Maxim is a must-read for you.

Hoodoo spells for love

We’ll tell you about one of the hoodoo spells for love which is harmless to you and to the person you’re into. Take one cup of wheat flour, add some water and a teaspoon of salt. Knead some dough and make a doll out of it. If you charge it properly, it will become a very effective voodoo doll.

To begin with, you should go to the house where your loved one lives. Go to the bedroom and try to find at least one hair on the bed to attach it to the doll’s head. Then put the doll away which should still be soft (you should do it before the dough dries out). You can put the doll on top of a wardrobe or a bookcase or under the bed in your loved one’s bedroom.

Be careful though. Almost all hoodoo love spells may have the opposite effect. If the target has no feelings for you and, for example, has sex on the bed with another woman, with the doll being hidden in the bedroom, the doll will make the target fall in love with this woman instead of you.

It usually takes about a week for this kind of dough to dry out. So let the doll be in the bedroom for at least seven days. Be patient and your patience will be rewarded nicely. The doll will absorb enough energy of your loved one enabling you to influence him through this doll.

The hoodoo love spell

This hoodoo love spell is cast with a box which is made to look like a room using pencils and paper furniture. The room should look like your bedroom if you’re going to let the target move into your place. If you’re going to move into your loved one’s place when you start dating, the room in the box should look like his bedroom. Of course, it’s not easy. However, the box room with its paper furniture shouldn’t look exactly like the actual bedroom. The key is to make sure the box reminds you of the corresponding bedroom when you look at it.

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Now put the figurine of your loved one in the room and close him in there for three days. Don’t do anything. Just wait. You should wait for the box to connect to the specified room and the figurine (voodoo doll) to build an energy channel connected to the person you’re putting this voodoo spell on.

The ritual is performed during the first seven evenings of a waxing moon. Then, if the spell hasn’t worked or is working too slowly, take a break and perform the seven-day ritual again making sure the moon is waxing too. The spell can be recast three times. If it still doesn’t work, soak the box and the figurine in the water for one day to neutralize the energy it’s accumulated, then put it in a trash bag and throw it out.

Hopefully everything will be fine. You should always believe in success. Your faith is very important in voodoo and other kinds of magic. It’s what activates your energies making them as strong as those of a professional spellcaster. In this specific ritual your energy is critical, because it doesn’t engage any voodoo spirits. Even though this spell isn’t as strong because of it, it’s still the right thing to do. If you succeed, you won’t owe anything to anyone for your love. If you don’t, you will find another way to make your dream come true, such as, for example, hiring a professional spellcaster. Either way, you won’t have to pay any voodoo spirits with your energy. Read our previous articles and learn how hard and dangerous it can be and be proud of yourself for making the right choice and refusing to engage voodoo spirits.​

Love spells hoodoo

This ritual is performed for seven days in a row. The first day should be chosen according to the lunar calendar. Also, you should perform the ritual at sunset, so it’s okay if there is no moon in the sky yet. Everything is fine. You need to cast seven similar love spells hoodoo, so you need seven different pictures of yourself. You can take and print them out specifically for this ritual. Be creative and try to take pictures of yourself in different moods. Take one naked photo too. Good sex is a very important aspect of a relationship, so apart from spiritual and emotional bonding, you should be bonded sexually as well.

Now let’s talk about how to cast a love spell hoodoo. Put the box in front of yourself and put three candles on its left and light them. Put a clean cloth folded in four on its right. You’ll need it later. Take your picture and press it to the lower abdomen area. Sit for a few minutes with the picture pressed like this and then put it inside the box in front of the voodoo doll.

Now say:

“You became my captive without knowing it. You ended up surrounded by my magic without wanting it. I love you even though you didn’t ask for it. Here is me – put the picture in – true, honest, sincere. I am who I am, with my love, fears, dreams and desires. I (your name) love you (the man’s name). I (your name) am afraid that you (the man’s name) won’t love me. I (your name) want you (the man’s name) to love me. I (your name) want my dream to come true and you (the man’s name) treat me the way you do in my dreams. Please make my words come true because I don’t have any other dreams, any other desires, and any other love.”

Put the cloth over the box, blow out the candles, and leave everything as it is for the night. The next evening sit down the way you did the first time, light the candles, prepare another picture, and focus on the ritual. Then remove the cloth and start the ritual over again.

Powerful hoodoo love spells

This spell is one of the powerful hoodoo love spells, provided you do your best to perform the ritual properly and follow all the instructions provided. This ritual is very effective also because you use all your chakras’ energy. You should press different pictures to different areas of your body to ensure all your chakra’s energy is used in the ritual. Here is what you should do:

  • Day one – Press the picture to your lower abdominal area.
  • Day two – press the naked picture below your belly button.
  • Day three – press the picture between your diaphragm and the belly button.
  • Day four – press the picture to the center of your chest. This picture should be charged longer than the other pictures – for 20 to 40 minutes, because your love energy will be passed over mostly through this picture.
  • Day five – press the picture to your throat.
  • Day six – press the picture to your forehead (mental energy);
  • Day seven – put the picture on your head (like a hat).

If you have to repeat the ritual two or three times, perform each step as described. Don’t take out the pictures which are already in the box. Just take new pictures and print them out. Each time use a new naked picture as well.

This ritual has a 60% success rate. If you get lucky, don’t throw the box out. Put it away without removing the cloth. However, don’t forget about it. Every first day of a new moon add one more picture repeating the words of the spell. Add pictures as long as you want to stay with this person.

If you get tired of your relationship, take the box out, pour a bucket of water into it, collect the cardboard and the pictures, wrap everything in waterproof film, and throw it out without walking inside your home. Don’t burn or cut the box into pieces as this can draw attention to you causing your subtle bodies to malfunction and the target to develop some diseases or face some problems.

One more thing: If the target moves his furniture in the bedroom, adjust your paper furniture in the box accordingly, without taking the pictures or the voodoo doll out.

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