How Do Divorces And Annulments Differ? 

Divorces and annulments are options that enable the legal termination of a marriage. However, they differ in nature and their consequences. An experienced Huntsville divorce lawyer can assess your situation and guide you on which is a more favorable route. They provide you with legal advice and ensure that your rights are protected during the process. 

What is divorce? 

Divorce is the dissolution or end of a legally valid marriage. The legal procedure involves the distribution of assets, alimony, child support, and custody. 

What are the common causes of divorce? 

  • Physical, verbal, or sexual abuse.
  • Infidelity or lack of commitment. 
  • Absence of love or intimacy. 
  • Constant conflicts. 
  • Financial disputes. 
  • No shared interests. 
  • The difference in morals, values, or philosophies. 
  • No healthy communication. 
  • Alcohol or drug use. 

What is an annulment? 

An annulment declares the marriage contract null and void and hence terminates it. These marriages are considered legally invalid and therefore not recognized to have ever existed.

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What are common reasons for annulment? 

  • Not being of the minimum legal age of marriage. 
  • A spouse was already married to someone else at the time of marriage. 
  • The spouse did not consent to marriage, which was done through force or threats. 
  • Either spouse was suffering from a mental illness or disorder. 
  • The spouse was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during marriage and made an uninformed decision. 
  • If a spouse agreed to the marriage based on misrepresentation or fraudulent statements made by the other party. 
  • The marriage was unlawful, such as in cases of incest. 

How are they different? 

Divorces recognize that the marriage existed, and the legal process considers that while dividing properties and the debt of both spouses. Since annulments result in the marriage being void, it can protect the individual properties of spouses during the legal procedure. However, in cases of children, the court ensures proper child support and custodial agreements to protect your child’s best interest. After divorce, the status of a person is divorced while it is single or unmarried after an annulment.

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How can a divorce lawyer help? 

Divorce lawyers have extensive knowledge about the laws regarding the legal separation of a couple. They can help determine whether you are eligible for an annulment or divorce and take proper steps accordingly. Additionally, each procedure has different consequences on your future that a lawyer helps you understand in-depth to make the best decision. They are a reliable source of legal support during this distressing time.

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