How to Buy a Laptop for Kids

Playing or doing schoolwork on a laptop has become something of a norm for kids in the modern world and children are bound to start asking their parents to buy them their own devices sooner or later. Using a laptop will teach them technical skills that will help them both at school and in later life when they choose a career. We discuss how you can select the most suitable laptop for your child and the essential computer skills they need to learn.

Selecting the Right Type of Laptop

The most important step is to determine which type of laptop to buy. The operating system on a PC differs; for example, one that is windows-based will be able to run with certain software applications but not others. Find out from school which apps are needed and if they are compatible with the type of computer. Apart from Windows, you can also consider Mac for an Apple computer or Chromebook.


There are two types of storage and memory you need to consider. RAM is the memory system of a computer or laptop and determines its processing speed. With insufficient RAM, the laptop will lag. A minimum of 4GB of RAM is needed for most laptop uses.

The hard drive of a laptop stores files, apps, photos, documents, and videos. Your child will need a laptop with 64GB or more if it is a Mac or Windows device. With these, all the files are stored locally (on the hard drive). A Chromebook uses the Cloud for storage, so you only require 32GB.

Computer drives can be standard hard drives or solid-state drives (SSD). The latter has fewer moving parts so is less prone to problems. It is also faster and quieter.

Other Considerations

The laptop should have a high-resolution screen for clear images of at least 1080p. Look for a widescreen with a 16:9 ratio.

Determine how your child will print out their school assignments and if you need a printer as well or if the school prefers electronic copies of work. An adapter may be needed to connect the printer to the laptop.

The laptop should have a slot for a memory card or external drive to be connected for creating backup copies of files.

Teaching Laptop Skills

Experts on children’s wellbeing state that a child should not be exposed to excessive online use. However, age-appropriate use has many benefits. Children are deemed ready to learn on a laptop when they reach two years of age.

Kids should learn certain skills related to laptops before they start playing games and doing puzzles. They need to master the keyboard, although this takes time. There are many keyboards designed for young children. Kids Lenovo Keyboards have a grown-up look and feel.

Other competencies they require are how to use the mouse and trackpad, log on, launch applications, and bookmark websites. Help them choose a username and password and explain why they need to remember it. These can be written on a card next to the laptop. Teach them to recognise application icons. Show them how to pin applications they use daily, such as for school.

Following these tips will enable you to find the most suitable laptop for your child.