Is it Safe to Travel Again?

Everybody back in the pool – the travel pool! After months of being at home playing car games, people are cheering the news that countries around the globe are reopening and welcoming business travel and tourism back to their shores. At the same time, many people still have significant questions about their safety and security when choosing a destination and it’s hard to find reliable information that can give you a complete picture of what’s happening in different cities around the globe.&nbsp 

Here are a couple of new online travel tools to help you research destinations before you book. Vindow Platform, an online travel technology platform specifically for group hotel bookings, now offers comprehensive destination profiles for key cities around the world. The profiles include wide-ranging information regarding the city, like air transportation, hotel and meeting facilities, major industries and an interactive map of each city indicating the best neighborhoods for travelers and where to find the safe options for dining, shopping and spots for tourists.

GeoSure is another great online tool that provides hyper-micro safety reports for major destinations. Their safety scoring algorithms uncover detailed safety information broken down according to specific parameters, like crime statistics and safety ratings for vulnerable travel populations such as women or LGBTQ+ individuals.

These and other new online tools are making it easier to “put a toe” back in the travel pool. Travel safely!