Metal window and Insulating glass

Metal window sets may be made of aluminum, steel, tin-copper alloy. A cutout showing this page and the next. It is a common standard for aluminum and steel windows. And because the cross-section of the frame and glass window trim can be made in different ways according to each manufacturer, therefore, the home builder บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน Consult the manufacturer for the following information.

  • Extended frame and window sills
  • Metal content percentage, weight and thickness.
  • Effective protection against heat loss of the window set.
  • Resistance to corrosion, wind, water and air permeability.
  • Specific methods and methods of choosing to install glass.
  • Decorative surface
  • The nature and size of the openings in the walls must be prepared. Because some manufacturers may only sell sizes that are already available. while some manufacturers will sell the size that the buyer wants (made to order).Find out the latest news from timewires and also get the informative news on timestoknow. This is very important for you to know about the twitchs.

aluminum window

Aluminum windows are house building company รับสร้างบ้าน Popular for being lightweight, inexpensive and resistant to corrosion. But because it is a material that conducts heat well Therefore, it is necessary to install a thermal barrier material such as synthetic rubber or a plastic barrier between the outer and inner frame. The finishing surface may be coated with enamel or resin. Visit Here: wpswebnews

Technical information can be checked with AAMA or the Association of Siamese Architects. For criteria on thickness, strength, durability, corrosion, air permeability. Wind and water resistance of aluminum windows

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  • Aluminum window frames may have different frame legs on both sides depending on the nature of the wall.
  • In case the frame legs are not equal The longer frame legs help prevent wind from entering the gap between the frame and the wall. And also allows it to be attached to the supporting wall as well.
  • Sealing material should be used to seal the joint between the jamb and the wall.
  • The top, bottom and side transoms have the same shape.
  • In case the window is always installed on the perimeter of the wall. There must be a drip plate installed on the transverse top and middle jamb to prevent water ingress.
  • Air and water protection moldings are installed in the grooves when assemble the frame.
  • The material prevents the passage of temperature from the outer jamb to the inner jamb.
  • Pin lock (snap-in)
  • As aluminum is sensitive to electrochemical reactions, other fixing parts and seals should be of the same metal or aluminum or similar metals, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel. Some metals, such as copper, should be insulated from direct contact with the aluminum surface by using a non-conductive sealant such as felt or neoprene. For information on electrochemical reactions
  • For areas where aluminum is in contact with masonry or concrete. should be insulated to prevent contact using bitumen or synchro mate type coatings

steel window

Steel windows are manufactured from hot rolled or cold rolled steel. And because steel is stronger than aluminum in the load. This makes the steel frame smaller than the aluminum frame, so the total edge height is smaller and allows more light to enter. It can be installed in concrete wall openings or building materials. In addition, steel has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity than aluminum. This eliminates the need to install thermal barrier materials.

Manufacture of window frames and steel frames This is done by welding them together and then galvanized or primed with a rust proof paint before finishing with enamel, acrylic, urethane or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Technical data can be checked with SWI (Steel Window Institute) to know the weight criteria of window frames and steel frames.

  • Steel fixes the window frame to the wall structure.
  • For the cross-section of the top, bottom, and sides, they will look the same.
  • The glass mounting groove may be located on the inside or outside. and can fit glass of various thicknesses regarding the installation of glass panels
  • Pin lock
  • The drip plate is installed on the transom of each floor. Prevents rainwater from entering the lower joints. and the surface is always on the wall
  • The eyebrows prevent air and water from entering the inner groove.
  • Typical depth sizes 1″ to 1½” (25 to 38).Visit The Site: networldking52

Insulating glass or insulating glass

Insulating glass or insulating glass consists of Two or more plates put the spoons together. By having a gap between the sheets to help block the air as insulation. and reduce condensation into water stops

  • Double-ended glass fused together. It is made from the ends of two sheets of 3⁄32″ (2) (SS) or 1⁄8″ (3) (DS) thick glass fused together.
  • 3⁄16″ (5) gap inside contains dry air. or inert gas at atmospheric pressure
  • Forged double-glazed glass is suitable for smaller apertures. Use in homes or shops and no need to install by means of force-bearing locking gasket strips
  • Double-ended glass with split ends. There will be a metal or non-metal centering rod placed in the middle, such as a butane rubber rod.
  • ¼” or ½” (6 or 13) gaps between the glass filled with dry air. Or it will help to be more insulating if using inert gases such as argon or krypton.
  • Desiccant In the event that there is residual moisture inside A desiccant absorbs moisture from the air to dry it, preventing condensation.
  • To increase the efficiency of thermal insulation. Glass can be tinted, reflective, or filtered.
  • Optical filter coating on one or both sides of the glass. It will reduce the heat radiation from the sun. while still receiving light for vision
  • In case of wanting to be tempered glass (Prevents glass shards) The glass sheet may be coated or baked.Read More About: imnewskingVisit this site to get various types of latest information and click here if you want to find out most recent news then you can also check out this one