Six bad habits which ruin your marriage

Are you paying more attention to smartphones and FaceBook than to your partner? Do you hide big purchases from your partner? Such behaviors hurt in every marriage. However, it is not too late to change bad habits. What are some of the reasons for the worst relationship mistakes, and start fixing them as soon as possible?

  1. Addictive to anything: addiction in any form- food, social media, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and shopping- could sour a marriage fast. “Your addiction soon becomes a third party in the marriage.” Suppose you feel like you are cheating on your partner when doing it. Recovery from infidelity takes time for partners to deal with the guilt, resentment, anger, and shame that result. So relax and think about what you value and how addictive behavior is affecting the relationship. You could also check the Confidant Health app, it is a confidential and discreet way to access expert help for Medication Assisted Treatment.
  2. Avoiding physical relations: if you have slipped into the negative habits of making excuses about physical relations that have dwindled or are nonexistent, your wedding may be in trouble. Sometimes intimacy is the attraction that holds a union together. You cannot set a planted-in aside for 20 years and expect to live longer, and it needs to feel good. Same with the couple, they have to involve themselves with each other.
  3. Less communication: is every communication turning into a fight, you might face something big. Good communication slows down to learning to ask for what you require; never expect your partner to be a mind reader. Blaming partners is easier. It is difficult for women to express their needs. You just need to take a one-step and ask them yourself. If you are exhausted from the week, simply ask your husband to help with the children on Saturday morning. When choosing a partner from the best marriage bureau in Faridabad, it is important to be honest with the person you will live life. Partners need to be clear about each other’s thoughts as it reduces the stress. 
  4. Presume your partner is wrong: had a bad day! It wasn’t an excuse to start a fight. When you are irritated and cranky, you take charge to be aware of that and ask for some extra space and find something to take care of your relationship.
  5. Money could not be a third person: attraction towards money could be an evil eye in your life, but arguing over this is the root of numerous marriages. Snatching money is one of the biggest reasons for divorce. Couples want to use harsh tones and words when arguing for money, and it usually takes longer to recover from the conflict. Financial planning sometimes works the best to maintain a healthy relationship.
  6. Including a third person between: does not matter how close anyone is to you. Draw a line and always check your limits when it comes to priorities. When you get married, you start a new family, and your partner comes first. The gurgaon matrimony provides verified profile and assures their great personalities.