This campaign by Sunstone is looking to change the lives of students. Here’s how!

Sunstone believes in the spark of each student and wants to give students an ecosystem where they can grow and become the best versions of themselves, ready to take on the world. And to show the world what they’re capable of offering, Sunstone has partnered with debutant cricketing franchise – Lucknow Super Giants as associate sponsors.

The tech-driven higher education service provider has launched its campaign #JeetegaSparkHi with this association. The campaign will offer scholarships to eligible candidates looking to pursue UG or PG courses in the current year. Since cricket tournaments serve as a platform for identifying talent, this is synonymous with the objective of the campaign as well, which is identifying the spark and talent of students and providing them with an environment where they can grow and develop skills that are relevant to their field and become corporate ready.

Sunstone is set to give out scholarships amounting to ₹4 Cr, with eligible students receiving grants worth ₹30,000 per student.

How does it work?

The unique feature of this scholarship is that the amount is not pre-decided like other mainstream scholarships but will be decided based on the performance of each LSG match. To elaborate, for each run, boundary, six, catch, wicket and half-century achieved by the franchise, a certain amount will be allocated and the total scholarship amount will be calculated at the end of the match. Below is the table showing the allocation of each amount.

LSG Move Amount per move
Sixes by LSG in a match INR 6,000
Fours by LSG in a match INR 4,000
Wickets taken by LSG in a match INR 1,00,000
Half-centuries per match INR 5,00,000
Catches in a match INR 1,00,000
Runs per Match INR 1,000


Students who are pursuing UG or PG courses or will apply for the academic year 2022 for an MBA/PGDM/MCA/ BCA/BBA/B.Com/B.Tech are eligible to receive the scholarship. The scholarship is time-bound as they will only be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Eligible students can apply for the scholarship till the beginning of the team’s next match. So let’s say at the end of match 1 if a student is eligible, they must apply for the scholarship before match 2 of LSG begins. In order to apply for the scholarship, they must visit the Sunstone website and register, followed by informing the counsellor that they want to apply for the scholarship.

The merit-based scholarships have another facet where students have to clear the Sunstone Eduversity Admission Test (S.E.A.T) to be eligible for the scholarship, making this fair for all. With over 2000 scholarships to be given out, students can also apply for multiple scholarships if they’re eligible and only one with the highest amount will be given if selected. Check out the Sunstone website for more details.

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