Top 5 Cheap Self Storage Applications

Compared to the more conventional forms of self-storage, mobile storage units may be seen as an improvement. You are responsible for packing the container, and the mobile storage business will transport your items to a safe location for as long as you need their services. When you are ready to receive your belongings, they will hand them back to you. There is a wide range of sizes available for portable cheap storage containers. For instance, a 7-foot unit can hold the stuff from one room, while a 12-foot unit can contain the goods from two to three rooms.

Users of a self-storage unit can store their stuff protected and secure in a place tailored to their specific requirements. Macy’s Mobile Self Storage service provides you with full management authority over all of your personal property. When you put your valuable and sentimental possessions into self-storage, you undoubtedly want to be sure that they are safeguarded from damage. The following applications will assist you in keeping your belongings safe while they are stored in a storage unit:

Visual Inventory for Personal Use:

This streamlined platform is user-friendly and was specifically intended for transportation and cheap storage. Despite its simplicity, it retains all of its capabilities. It differs from other inventory systems in that it gives the user the option of entering items into several different organizational layers, such as:

  • Completing the inventory by adding individual goods
  • Inserting items into a container
  • Using boxes to divide up different areas

It starts with clear instructions and bullet points that go through the app’s features in a nutshell. It is easy to learn, and once you do, you may eliminate the need for job organization. Your belongings are shown in an aesthetically pleasing grid of photographs either taken inside the app or taken from your collection.

Check your Boxes:

The name of this application explains everything! However, despite its seeming simplicity compared to the other items on the list, Scan Your Boxes effectively accomplish its goals. Launch the application, create a QR code, print the code, and then stick it to the outside of the box. You can then use the app to save images and make comments on the box’s contents. This program gives you the ability to assign many tags to each item, and it also has a search function built right in, making it easy to find what you’re looking for fast.

Inventory Control Stock:

When shifting to smaller premises or moving a few blocks down, it may be challenging to keep track of office supplies and company inventory. You have inboxes for your belongings at your previous employer, your new office, and your storage facility. Controlling one’s stock inventory gives a company or an individual the ability to monitor their stored assets and their numerous inventory locations at the same time.

  • Could you please prepare a list of your categories and rank them in order of importance?
  • The quantity management of the objects that are being kept needs to be enhanced.
  • Over time, be sure to monitor the state of the items you have gathered.

Storage Organizer for Inventory:

It is designed for the homeowner who wants to make more room in their already packed guest room or begin a new hobby at home and wants to do either of those things. This program will assist you in reducing the amount of clutter in your life and getting you on the path to living your best life when used in combination with a self-storage facility. The first thing that has to be done is photograph the whole cheap storage area, but everything starts with a picture. After that, you break each box down into its parts before continuing.

Macy’s Storage Is Now Available in Digital Form!

In addition to enabling online purchases and rentals, our website is designed to function as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means it will be stored on your mobile device in the same manner as an app. Because of this feature, navigating and making use of our website is made to be incredibly simple.


A self-storage facility is a fantastic short-term or long-term solution for maintaining order throughout a stressful move, whether from one house to another or from one workplace to another. Because technology now enables you to monitor everything immediately from your phone, keeping track of your stored possessions may offer you peace of mind and make unpacking a delight. This is particularly true now that you can track everything directly from your phone.