What Driving a Porsche Says About You 

What driving a Porsche says about you? Is it arrogance? Or is it simply someone deserving of a nice car and understands the bells and whistles of this high priced vehicle. 

There are some things in life that are very difficult, driving is one of them. Some people don’t think that they can drive such a powerful car, but when you are in the passenger seat and you turn on the ignition and the car starts moving, it does not feel like a toy. Sure there are some people that think that owning something like a Porsche will make them some sort of celebrity, but for some car enthusiasts, they love the feeling of owning a special car like the porsche.
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What driving a Porsche says about you is the ability to drive any sort of car, anywhere any time. Most people are like me and really have no idea how a Porsche performs, they just know that it looks good. It is a big Porsche and it looks good no matter where you place it. Some people feel 

that owning a Porsche is a waste of money, but if you are going to spend $300k on a car, it’s worth driving a Porsche and being able to go places that you want. 

One of the main reasons people love driving a Porsche is because of its rear-engine layout. It is hard to imagine that there are cars out there that are more fun to drive. It is because it is fast and the car handles well. Just because you drive or own a Porsche does not mean you are into material or high priced items. It generally is because people love high performance cars. It is one of a kind but there are many other cars that are more expensive than the Porsche. Compared to many, it relatively is more reliable, practical, and has lower maintenance costs. If you are wondering, yes you can purchase an auto extended warranty on a car like a Porsche. If you love your car, you will love that continued protection once the original warranty expires. An extended auto warranty in California can protect you from those busy packed highways and extended time on the road. 

Some people will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a car or SUV that is “practical” that they will hardly ever drive. Most owners of Porsche know what it feels like to have that exhilarating feeling and often drive it anywhere and everywhere.

What driving a Porsche says about you is that you are a person that is personable. Many people like driving fast cars because it makes them feel like they are going to have some sort of awesome moment, but that is only because for some people they have never been able to experience driving a car that speeds like a Porsche. Many people who own a Porsche are known to be very personable and they love to talk to everyone that is going down the highway with them. You should know that you can start talking to any type of person when you are driving a Porsche. They are less likely to be deemed as a “jerk car”. Luxury cars are more reliable and ensure safety if driven correctly. 

What driving a Porsche says about you is that you are a person that likes to keep up with the latest trends. There is nothing worse than getting some news about a new model of a car and then finding out that you cannot go to the store to pick it up. What Porsche owners like to do is look online to find out the latest information on their car. If you are one of these people, you are going to love what Porsche blogs are saying about a certain model. A lot of the things said online are exactly what you would hear at the local gas station. This type of knowledge is priceless.

It is not a bad thing to have such a luxurious high priced item. People are not snobby or less approachable just because they own one. For many, it is the experience and how it makes any man OR woman feel when you accelerate. It is not just a purchase as a “status symbol” as they are often perceived but has everything to do with how it makes you feel!