Who Should Have a Portable Dryer

A portable dryer is a smaller version of a standard tumble dryer. They are easier to store than standard dryers because of their small size. A portable clothes dryer is also convenient for someone who moves frequently and prefers carrying their dryer to a new home. Continue reading to learn how they work, the types, and their benefits.

How Portable Dryers Work

A portable clothes dryer blows high-temperature air through the surface of your clothes to dry them. The working mechanism may vary for different portable dryers.

Some dryers work like standard tumble dryers. When you plug in these dryers, the electrical current heats a metal coil in the dryer. A fan in the dryer blows the heat from the metal coil over the surface of the tumbling clothes, dying them.

When using a hanger-style portable clothes dryer, you hang the clothes in the unit and surround them with a tube that blows warm air to dry the clothes.

Most portable clothes dryers have a vent to release excess heat and lint from clothes. When using the dryer, you can run the vent house outside your window so that your home is not excessively hot. But you can release the heat from the dryer vent indoors to warm your home during winter.

If you plan to release your dryer vent indoors, you might need a dehumidifier because the humidity from the vent may cause mold problems. Remember to clean the lint off your dryer vent after each laundry load to avoid fire hazards.

Benefits of a Portable Dryer

Portable clothes driers have many benefits over alternative clothes drying solutions like tumble driers. Below are the benefits of these machines:


Most portable clothes dryers comprise a bracket, host, and outer cover. These dryer parts are easy to use and maintain and rarely fail. They are also cheap to replace. This device is a convenient option for someone with little time for dryer maintenance.

Space Saving

The size of portable clothes dryers makes them ideal if you need to save space. Due to their small size, they are ideal for people who live in small apartments, camper vans, and cabins. The machine will not fill your living space, which allows you to use your available space better.

Energy Saving

You can use your portable clothes dryer to heat your home. When it is cold, run your dryer vent indoors so that the heat it releases remains in the house. By doing this, you heat your home without turning on your central heating system, which reduces energy consumption in your house.


A portable clothes dryer takes less time to dry your clothes than traditional laundry lines. When you hang your clothes outside to dry, the time they take to dry depends on the weather and temperatures.

Even when it is sunny, it takes time for your clothes to be completely free of water. This is not the case with a portable clothes dryer. You can dry your clothes any time with a portable clothes dryer. The device works instantly, so you do not have to wait hours for your clothes to dry.

Types of Portable Dryers

Portable clothes dryers are of three types, categorized based on how they dispense water from the clothes they dry. These are:

Vented Portable Dryers: These have a vent through where they release water vapor as they dry clothes.

Ventless Portable Dryers: These dryers have a condensation device. This device condenses the water vapor from clothes into water and collects it.

Heat Pump Portable Dryers: They have a condensation devise that condenses vapor from drying clothes into water. The device drains it into a water collection box.

How to Choose a Portable Dryer

Your choice of a portable clothes dryer depends on your budget and space. Ventless dryers usually cost more than vented portable clothes dryers. But, a ventless one gives you more control over the temperature and humidity in your living space when drying clothes.

Although all portable clothes dryers are small, their compactness varies. Some models are larger than others. Before buying the machine, estimate how much space you can conveniently designate for the dryer in your home.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Portable Dryer

If your house does not have enough space to accommodate a tumble dryer, drying your laundry can be a hassle. From pegging individual clothes to a clothesline to watching out for the weather, it may seem like your clothes will never dry.

You do not need to cram a large dryer into your small space to minimize the hassle of doing your laundry. Get a small-sized portable dryer to enjoy a hassle-free laundry routine.