Writing an Opinion Article

How do you write an opinion article? As with many other types of articles, the default answer to this question is “in whatever way engages your readers.” That being said, you’ll find plenty of additional advice on structuring an opinion article in this section.

What is Opinion Article

An opinion article is often written as an essay. It starts with a clear-cut introduction that sets the scene for the rest of the article. In part, the introduction clarifies the importance of the essay and compels the reader to read on. The introduction also includes a thesis statement. Keep in mind that with an opinion piece, the thesis statement should be argumentative and not descriptive—there must be two sides to the thesis.

Body paragraph

The body paragraphs of the essay support the author’s thesis and are grouped logically. Usually, the first part of an essay’s body provides support for a thesis. This support is followed by explanation and refutation of significant counterarguments. The arguments you present should be grounded in logic and appropriately use facts to back them up.

Concluding Remark

The conclusion of the essay reiterates the thesis or point of the piece and, like the conclusion of a feature article, can provide perspective or expound on the significance of the issues raised, make a call for action, or look toward the future. It’s important that the introduction and conclusion be especially engaging.

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