5 Ideal Panties Facts For Your Menses

The menstrual period is a natural process that happens to all women. It involves the shedding of endometrial tissue and blood, which flows out of the uterus through the cervix and vagina. Tampons and pads absorb this flow, so you don’t have to wear extra clothing during your period. one should use the right protection during this time as it can lead to an increase in infections if not used correctly. When choosing your period undies in Aus, look for something comfortable and absorbent so it doesn’t disrupt your daily routine.

This is the time to be extra careful about your undergarments.

It’s a known fact that sixty per cent of the disease-causing bacteria in your panties are from fresh blood. So, changing your underwear a few times a day is highly recommended, especially considering the humid Australian climate. When it’s time to change, wash your undies with cold water and avoid warm or hot water, as these can foster bacterial growth. If you have any stains on your clothes, wash them immediately. Otherwise, they may set in and become permanent.

You don’t need to feel guilty anymore.

You may have been using tampons for a long time, and for a good reason, as they make your periods more comfortable. But there are some downsides to tampons that you may not have considered.

Because tampons are not sterile, they can cause vaginal and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Your best bet is to buy organic ones. At least then, you won’t be exposed to any chemicals or pesticides used on the cotton fibres of regular tampons. Tampons also contain dioxins, a by-product of chlorine bleaching, linked with cancer, reproductive problems and endocrine disruption. There have also been recent studies of TSS with tampon use.

The way some women use them causes irritation and even vaginal dryness, which leads to tearing during sex or excessive bleeding during menstruation.

You can wear and enjoy your panties during your period.

The menstrual period undies in Aus ensure zero health risk as these are safe that do not react with sensitive skin. These are washable and supposed to be worn alone, although additional products can be used for a heavy flow. These are not just useful in keeping you free of rash during periods but are also beneficial in light incontinence. These are particularly ideal for women with heavy white discharge. The best part is that they do not end up in landfills or drains as often, reducing waste. And the comfort level is just incomparable.

Panties need to be changed frequently.

After changing your panties, keep them on for four or six hours before taking them off and washing them. If you do not want to wear a fresh pair of panties after six hours, then remember that there is an increased risk of developing a UTI each time. Also, no matter how clean you are, you cannot avoid getting germs from your clothes. So, if possible, don’t wear a pair more than once during a menstrual cycle.

Periods can be messy and smelly, but there are ways around it.

Period undies are comfortable, convenient, cheap and environment friendly—what more could you want? What’s great is that they come in various styles for every body type so everyone can feel good about themselves during their time of the month. You don’t need expensive disposables or pads with options like these in Australia.

Having discussed the different types of protection available, you can now choose the right one to suit your needs. Keeping your vagina healthy and clean during your menstrual period is vital, and using the right kind of underwear is just one way to do it.