5 Innovative Features of Modern Massage Chairs

Massage chair technology is only getting better with time, aiming to imitate human touch and enhance that experience with luxurious convenience features that you can enjoy without having to leave your home. Those who never considered purchasing a massage chair in the past are now making some extra space in their living room, claiming that these new developments are just too irresistible to pass up. Let’s dive into what 5 of these new features entail, and why they are so desirable. 


Many of our most beloved devices have bluetooth, which is so convenient because it allows us to watch and listen to our favorite content just about anywhere. Believe it or not, “anywhere” now includes your personal massage chair. You can connect any device with bluetooth to your chair and listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks and more on HiFi surround sound speakers all while receiving a high quality massage. From soothing rainforest sounds to a dramatic reading of Harry Potter, the world is your oyster. Some chairs even allow you to give voice commands, so you can adjust your massage without having to press any buttons. 

Smart Detect Body Scan

Have you ever wished your masseuse could read your mind? While this impossible feat would be ideal, massage chairs with a smart detect body scanning system are the next best thing. This means that they can scan your body measurements and determine where your pressure points are located before the massage commences, while some can even pinpoint sore or stiff muscles and focus more intensely on those areas. The days of adjusting the way that you’re sitting to get the massage chair rollers in the right place are over. 

Heating System

A massage chair with a heating feature is not exactly a new development, but the way in which massage chairs provide this convenience is now much more efficient. While older massage chairs only allow for some heat on your back area, newer ones include your upper and lower back, calves, and sometimes even arms and thighs. This new heating system is temperature controlled, and designed to enhance the benefits that come from receiving a massage. They not only help to relax your muscles, but also make you feel as if your whole body is wrapped in a cozy blanket. 

4D Rollers

A 4D roller system provides the most advanced type of massage experience that you can possibly get from a massage chair. One step up from 3D rollers, these new 4D rollers can not only move up, down and side to side – but they also include speed control. These advanced rollers also have the ability to provide many different styles of massage such as deep tissue, shiatsu, swedish, or personalized (meaning that your massage will be customized to suit your lifestyle). These rollers are arguably most enjoyable when paired with an SL track rolling system, meaning that the massage can cover more surface area on your back and extend down to the lower body if you choose. 

Thai Stretch Program

Massage chairs that include a thai stretch function can be extremely beneficial to your health. This process will involve the chair holding your hips in place while it carefully pulls your legs downwards and stretches your back. This type of stretch can be performed daily, and not only does it feel amazingly therapeutic but it can also reduce headaches, relieve back pain/joint stiffness, increase flexibility and even revive your energy levels. 

Which of these features resonates with you the most? If purchasing a massage chair just earned a spot on your to-do list, making sure that your favorite conveniences are included is highly recommended for the ultimate experience. Afterall, everyone deserves a taste of luxury in their life, and owning a massage chair promises just that while also offering tons of health benefits.