5 Main Factors to Consider When purchasing a Sugarcane Juice Maker

Are you a businessman who is looking to establish a juice-making enterprise? Well, you are in the right place.

I am going to walk you through some of the basic factors that you should put into consideration when buying a machine for such a purpose.

Join me and let me help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

This is a machine that crushes sugarcane to produce a sugarcane juice. The juice can be consumed directly or used to make other goodies like jaggery and molasses.

It is a daunting task when deciding on the type of machine to buy when you are establishing your business. Many people have ended up regretting their choices.

To ensure that you get quality service and satisfaction from whatever machine you buy, the following factors will assist you when making the purchase.

1. Cost Attached

The cost of the machine must be the number one factor to consider when buying. People differ in terms of their financial capabilities.

There are those with deep pockets and therefore can afford the high-end machine. Commit to a machine that your financial muscle can allow.

Even though the cost is very important, it must not make you compromise the quality and must also be looked into alongside other factors.

2. Reason for the Purchase

The purpose of the machine whether it is meant for commercial or domestic use. A sugarcane juice machine for commercial use should be big enough to serve the purpose.

If you are looking to make juice for family consumption, then just a small machine will do the job.

3. User Friendly

The ease with which the machine can be operated is another area you must look into. Buy a machine that can be operated easily either manually or by power.

A good machine should be easy to operate even by the youngest member of the family.

It must also have a reasonable weight. This will make it easier to move from one point to the next when the need arises.

Another thing to look for is the ease of maintenance. A good machine should be easy to maintain. Its maintenance should not be very costly to the user.

4. Environmental friendly

Environmental pollution has become a major concern globally. So many diseases are now associated with emissions from machines or even their sound.

It is therefore advisable that you choose a machine that has less emission. It must also be one that will not burst your eardrum if used in the house.

5. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption should be a top priority. Machines with high ratings have higher energy consumption and are good for commercial use only.

In case you are looking to put it into personal use, then I advise you to go for lower ratings.

High energy consumption increases the cost of production. A buyer should therefore choose a machine that will not be expensive in the long run.


This article has tried to look into the factors that when well taken off, will make it easy for you to choose a machine that suits your needs.