You may be wondering; what do the most downloaded apps have, other apps do not have? There is a lot often at stake when it comes to building a new app. You may invest a lot of money in the application development, yet it fails to reach the expected downloads in the first year and to make matters worse, many users abandon the app after a single-use.

That is devastating, but it all comes down to app development. You have to research extensively into your target audience first, identify a key need your app can resolve in the market, and find out what winning apps are doing to make them popular. Here is what competent new york app developers know.

Less is more

Before you come up with your app requirements, keep in mind that the more features an app needs, the more expensive it is to develop. Too many features confuse the users and lead to a less than optimum experience. The most popular app developers go by the mantra less is more. Simple apps perform better as long as the essential functions are well looked after. Before the app development process, know the fundamental purpose of the app, the main features you want, and ensure they are well incorporated into the app.

User experience is everything

One thing that makes NYC app developers reliable is that they prioritize user experience. Why? This is because users won’t sit and tolerate a poor user experience when there are dozens of similar apps they can use. Some of the tips to ensure a great user experience include:

  • Simple navigation.
  • Clear and relevant content.
  • Sticking to the design guidelines of the platform you intend to deploy the app.
  • Designing for gestures users are familiar with.
  • Keep less used features in the background.

You must understand your target audience.

Understanding the target audience is imperative to build the app with their needs in mind. No app pleases everyone, but some apps are popular with some people. The most downloaded apps have initially researched their target audience to inform their app user experience, features, and marketing. Apps without a clearly defined audience miss the mark when it comes to attracting users.

Testing and improvements are necessary.

Savvy app developers know that testing and improvements are essential for the success of an app. Developing an app is not like building it and forgetting it type of thing. Everyday frustration users face with apps is bugs. Updating an app constantly allows you to fix the bugs and leaves the app performing better than before. After launching the app, testing and improving are necessary.

Effective marketing strategies

The most downloaded apps know the essence of following effective marketing strategies. Paid advertising in the app store, using influencers to recommend the app, encouraging user reviews of the app are some of the best marketing strategies for new apps. Prelaunch activities like getting press for your app launch also invites more users.

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The bottom line

Adequate research, planning, and strategizing before building the app are necessary for success.