6 Essential Tools for Your Freelancing Business

Being in business which allows you to work according to your schedule also comes with a lot of responsibility. Freelancing means you have to handle everything from scheduling with clients, meetings, billings, project management, and others. While doing so much single-handedly can get overwhelming, here are some essential tools that will make managing work a lot more efficient. 


Harvest is a godsend tool for solo freelancers. It allows you to track time by creating tasks and projects, you can start the timer and stop it, thus helping you have an accurate working timeline for which you would be billing your client. With this tool, keep a check on where your time is being spent, you can also create expense reports with this one.


Mint is an extremely helpful tool that helps you manage your money all in one place. With this tool, you can manage multiple bank accounts, credit cards, loans as well as all of your assets. Mint helps you follow your goals towards how much you will be spending monthly as well as for long-term investment. 


This is one of the most in-demand productive apps for freelancers, which is a supercharged messaging app. Through one tool, you could message directly, replacing email and other messenger apps, and also send messages to a channel, replacing group texts and others. It can easily integrate with anything like Bitbucket, Trello, Dropbox, and others. 

Google Drive 

There is no alternative for this. This is a cloud-based file-sharing tool that comes with advanced features allowing you to work on, edit and collaborate with clients on files in real-time. You can share and resize PDF, create data and store them through this. Using the best pdf compressor online like PDFsimpli, you can upload files in your Google Drive after converting them and share them with your clients.

Google Calendar 

Using a Google Calendar, a freelancer could schedule everything that is happening every day, week, and the present month. You can create multiple calendars and integrate them with different apps. This calendar is simple, and well-organized making your work hassle-free. 


This is another tool that helps you organize your daily and weekly work and tasks. You can move tasks between lists. It helps you stay on track when you have a healthy freelancing business going on. Manage your clients, and work in a jiffy with this tool. 

Wrapping up, these are some of the top freelancing tools that will help you maximize productivity and stay organized.