7 SEO Tips to Get More Garage Door Installation and Repair Leads

When it’s about advertising your garage door business, you have several options.

You can print and distribute flyers detailing your services and contact information. You can put up attractive billboards for prospects to see. You can even take help from TVCs. And yet, these traditional ways take more of your money than offer a profitable return on investment.

If you haven’t indulged in internet marketing, you’re missing out on the advantage your competitors are already enjoying. One of the most crucial aspects of internet marketing is SEO.

Why Do You Need SEO to Generate Garage Door Repair Leads?

If you do a quick Google search for ‘garage door repair,’ you get more than 350,000,000 results in less than a second. That’s more than you can get your head around – let alone compete against.

It’s interesting to think that millions of prospects are searching a keyword like “garage door repair.” So, naturally, it’s the most incorporated keyword among your competitor websites, making the chase even more challenging.

A keyword with a high search volume can be hard to rank. But you can utilize the best SEO practices to use keywords smartly and gain lead for garage door.

SEO is how you optimize your website to rank higher, keeping your audience’s demands in mind while ensuring your site meets Google’s ranking criteria.

Here are a few tips to help you ace the race.

Tips to Get More Garage Door Installation and Repair Leads

Perform Keyword Research

Your website needs a language that your potential customers speak. The initial process is to understand what your target audience is searching for. That means not restricting your site to short-tail keywords.

The problem with short-tail keywords is that they lack clarity. For instance, a prospect may search for garage door services looking for installation and land on your site, only to find that you offer repair services. This will cause an increased bounce rate, making keyword usage futile.

The current era, especially Gen Z, prefers long-tail keywords. So, you must distinguish between the two and incorporate appropriate keywords within your site.

Optimize Your Website

Adding the right keywords to your site is one thing. But what if your site is sloppy, has a haphazard navigation bar, and is too slow to load?

No amount of SEO can work if you forget to optimize your website. For SEO to work its magic, your garage door website must be:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile responsive
  • Quick to load

All these aspects contribute to ranking your website higher on Google.

Take Advantage of Backlinks

One of the most common mistakes newly established garage door companies make is not realizing the significance of creating high-quality content. This content can be informational and educational – anything that underlines your authority and expertise in the field.

Other companies can link your blogs to their sites, making Google rank you higher based on the value you deliver.

Backlinking is a two-way process. You link some – you get some. But the key to starting with it is curating quality content.

Never Underestimate Your Competitors

Although you’re optimizing your site, creating backlinks, and doing a keyword search, never turn your back on your competitors.

Even though you compete against them and vice versa for attention, it doesn’t hurt to take a leaf out of their book. But we don’t mean to say that you should do it literally. Or copy their strategy straight-on. Instead, here’s how you can study your competitors:

  • Analyze how they are doing their SEO.
  • Learn new approaches they might be using (including keywords you haven’t used yet)
  • Observe how your competitors engage with customers on their site

Once you’ve studied your competitors, you can:

  • Create your unique SEO strategy to stand out
  • Enhance user experience on your site
  • Improve your customer engagement on the site 

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social media has taken Gen Z by storm. The impact has even touched millennials. And you can turn it to your advantage.

With such an extensive population using social media sites, you can easily target your local audience through social media profiles. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a gold mine to dive into. You don’t have to become a well-established garage door company before creating a social media business profile. All you need is a strong portfolio and quality of service to showcase your expertise.

Post photos, videos, or share links to blogs on your site to deliver value and increase engagement.

Update Website Content Regularly

Being a garage door installation and repair company means staying updated with the latest trends.

While techniques may remain the same, tools and equipment can change, and so does the experience if you stick to the rusty ways. Therefore, updating your website content is vital, so potential customers know you have a firm grip on your field of work.

Make sure your site content is easily understandable by non-technical individuals (since most of your target audience belongs to the residential sector). Furthermore, you’ll find updating content regularly allows you to use various keywords to improve your listing and evaluate which keyword helps increase site ranking.

Don’t Forget to Tag Site Images

Your site content is meant for humans. And so are the images you display on the website. However, you require a high Google ranking to reach your primary audience.

Unfortunately, Google and other search engines are bots and cannot view your images. Instead, they recognize the alt text [in simpler words: caption] you add as image descriptions. These alt texts help rank your website further in the search results. So, if you fail to tag a particular image, you let go of a golden opportunity for ranking optimization.

We suggest doing a few things to make sure Google can read your alt texts efficiently:

  • Write short and impactful texts for indexing
  • Avoid cramming keywords
  • Mention the relevant topic for clarity

What Next?

SEO is an ongoing process. Therefore, although the tips mentioned above can give you a kickstart in getting more leads for your garage door business, you must consider hiring SEO professionals to take your company to the top.

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