7 Ways To Create An Engaging Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business. It is a way to interact with existing and potential clients on a personal level, with one-to-one contact. So, you should never underestimate its importance in your marketing arsenal. 

Among email marketing, email newsletters have proven to be quite valuable. These are sent out regularly, and follow a somewhat similar format in every edition. They act as a way to let your email lists know about what you’re offering, give them timely updates, and also engage with them regularly. Before you send out these newsletters, here are a few tips you should follow. 

Choose the right template

The first thing you should do is pick the right newsletter email template. There are a number of options on PosterMyWall, and you just have to find one which suits your needs and aesthetic. Then, you can customize the content, and add sections accordingly. Make sure you save this template, so that you can use it for all your regular newsletter emails. 

A good template must be flexible, but should give you a uniform look to work with for future newsletters as well.  

Do your audience research

The next thing you should do is carry out extensive audience research. Figure out which demographic you are targeting with your email newsletters, and then find out what their interests are. In addition, you’ll also be able to find out what sort of language and imagery your audience responds well to. 

This sort of research is essential when making a regular email newsletter. In addition, you should keep tracking what is working in these newsletters, and make changes accordingly. It’s also a good idea to run A/B tests on your newsletters to get to the best version possible. 

Offer value to your audience

You can’t just add fluff to your email newsletter and expect it to perform well. You should offer content which adds value to your audience’s lives. So, let them know about your offerings, any business updates you have, and other such information. 

In addition, you should incentivize people to open your newsletters by offering discounts from time to time exclusive to email subscribers. These discounts can be shared through promo codes or you can also link your viewers to your main website through these newsletters. 

Incorporate images & videos

An email newsletter would look very dry if it only had walls of text. So, you should include images and videos as well in each section. In addition, companies are increasingly using emojis and GIFs in their email newsletters. These add some dynamic elements to an email, and break up any monotony. 

Use the right tools to make images and GIFs which fit in with your email content and make sure they’re small enough to load instantly. Don’t upload heavy files for this purpose. This is especially true for videos, so keep videos short, and test them out before sending out the newsletter. 

Use snappy subject lines & headers

Your subject lines and email headlines play a major role in the success of your email newsletters. These will be the first things people will say, so they need to capture attention immediately. Make them short, snappy, and attractive. Make sure people know from these subject lines that they’re in for some valuable information. 

Use a subject line score checker to test out your subject lines, As for your email headers, use engaging language, and add a very brief summary of what people can expect in the current newsletter. 

Create seasonally themed newsletters

Keep things interesting by changing them up a bit on a seasonal holiday basis. Run special email newsletters for Christmas, Halloween, and other such festivities. Change the color scheme accordingly and also make sure your content reflects the festive tone you are going for.

You can even promote your business by sharing holiday promo codes or discounts in these newsletters. In addition, holiday giveaways and contests will also incentivize your viewers to open your ongoing newsletters more regularly. Therefore, seasonal newsletters are a great way to boost your email readership and subscriptions. 

Include viewer-driven content

Why not let your audience participate in your email newsletters? Include viewer-driven content such as a top customer section, testimonials, or interesting projects you’ve done. You can also highlight certain clients, depending on the nature of your business. 

When people see that you value them in your marketing content, then they’re more likely to open this content, and also interact with your business more. This is a great way to boost sales as well. 

To sum up, there are a number of steps you can follow to create an engaging and interesting email newsletter. These strategies are quite easy to incorporate, so you should get started right away.