8 Different Blog Ideas

Blogging is in, and everyone is rushing to start their own website. It is not only a creative outlet but it could also be used as extra income. People have reported making $2500 a month, making it perfect as a way to support yourself financially from the comfort of your home.

If you have the niche to write but are overwhelmed by all the topics you could talk about, follow along to get inspirited:

What to write my blog about?


Houseplants blogs are the new trend; people are turning their apartments into a jungle. You can write about how to take care of houseplants, tips on keeping them alive, types of plants, your daily plant routine, watering them, and there are many more ideas out there.


Anime has a wide audience and wide content. Look for topics that you can indefinitely write about. If you are new to this, write about discovering new shows and how and where you are watching them. Discuss if you are watching a human drama or iyashikei show. Your blog doesn’t have to be a review. Some blogs talk about the psychology found in Anime or focus on the artistic aspect of it.


Animals are a great way to grab people’s attention; who doesn’t love a cute kitten? If you have a pet, you could write a diary on your day together; if you are an animal expert, give out tips on keeping your pet healthy. Veterinary experts could write about the most common issues animals face. So many topics could be discussed here; just don’t forget the picture!


There has been a shift from wanting to watch a live game to everything becoming virtual. Long gone are the days of waiting in line for an hour to catch a game; now, everything you need to know about a sport can be found online. Sports enthusiasts love reading everything there is to know about their favorite game. So you could start a statistics, commentary, or the latest sports blog.


The world is becoming healthier people are stuck home, and they are trying to cook their own meal. So if you have a bunch of your grandma’s old recipes, or you were born with the talent to cook, then this would be the perfect outlet for you.


Want to share your poems with the world? This is the perfect place to start. If you are a good writer and ready to show the world your work, start a blog in poetry.


With all the new movies being released and the reruns, people are curious about reviews; if you are a movie junky, then this might be the right topic for you. There are so many aspects you can write about when it comes to this category genre, actors, backstage, rumors, and the acting.


you don’t have to be a computer wiz to start a blog about it. You could write about computer tips for beginners and demonstrate the rad you took to improve your technical skills. If you are good with computers, then the sky is the limit when it comes to finding a topic.

Once you have a solid idea of what you want to write about and choose a topic, I recommend you head over to several.com. They are tech experts that have released a step-by-step guide detailing the process of how to start a blog?