9 Ways To Be Creative in Home Interior

It is important to remember that for the open-minded amateur or professional decorator, there are many creative ways to bring a home to life. Below are nine interesting ideas to consider when it is time to update or create your home vision.

  1. Add an extra floor with Factory Mezzanine Floors.

Homes with high ceilings and loft spaces can be easily transformed by adding mezzanine floors. This affordable option is a proven way to add spaces of interest for extra storage or a private getaway using some of that extra air space in any spacious, open room.

  1. Be bold and create a colorful mural.

This design choice may feel like a design risk for some, but there is no better way to set a mood and make a space your own. While murals have always been quite popular in children’s rooms, many homeowners are transforming great rooms and dining rooms with colorful murals too.

  1. Embrace the use of textured fabrics.

Every home benefits from the luxurious feel of velvets and sherpa. They feel great and look good too. Don’t be afraid to add more soft textures into the mix by selecting ottomans and sofas that feature fringe designs.

  1. Bring the great outdoors inside.

Breathing life into a room is as easy as adding a few plants for texture and some natural light to create a spacious feel. Open up or get rid of any heavy window coverings to let the daylight in. Consider bamboo plants if you enjoy that type of Eastern-influenced aesthetic.

  1. Create a wall for abstract art.

Abstract art pieces not only add a splash of color, they are also great conversation starters. Few room additions create a modern vibe like abstract paintings that leave everything up to interpretation.

  1. Choose bold wall colors in strategic rooms.

After a decade of neutral colors being touted as the best choice, bold colors are back. While few people would argue against the practicality of beiges and grays as a way to show off art, nothing electrifies a room filled with bland, tasteful fabrics like a bright wall of blue, yellow or red.

  1. Design rooms that are versatile.

Now that so many of us are working from home, it makes sense to design our living space for multiple purposes. Don’t be afraid to use decorative room dividers to create some privacy for a conference call or as a way to divide the dining room from the living area.

  1. Embrace the vibrancy of wallpaper.

Few things can spice up a living space like wallpaper. Granted, it can take some time to select the perfect wallpaper from the many choices available, but committed enthusiasts believe the reward is worth the effort.

  1. Shop for one-of-a-kind vintage decor

The joy of finding the perfect piece of vintage decor for a room is impossible to overstate. In a world focused on green living and recycling, vintage art and accessories are popular and unique choices.







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