A Few Best Products that You Can Import from China for Boosting Your Sales

China over the decade has turned out to be one of the major producers of all kinds of the consumer as well as industrial goods. “Made in China” products can be found almost anywhere in the world these days.

Among the products sold by Amazon, you will find that the major chunk of items is made by certain Chinese companies. The main reason for the popularity of Chinese products is due to their unbelievable cost.

In 2020, even India, which is one of the global competitors of China also imported goods of the value of $58.71 billion from China. In fact, China is one of its top import partners of India.

Major Chinese products imported by India are:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecom instruments
  • Computer hardware and peripherals
  • Electrical equipment
  • Fertilizers and chemicals

Despite the pandemic situation created due to Covid-19 and border tensions with China, India still continues to import various products from China, although there is a growing fear that the Indian market is going to be flooded with different cheap Chinese goods.

India’s reliance on Chinese commodities is mostly a result of China’s hegemony as a manufacturing and exporting country and its inability to close the production-to-demand gap at home.

Now let us discuss in this article, what can be the most profitable products that one should import from China. This will be interesting to know both for new importers as well as those who have been importing in the past.

It is not an easy answer, as every country has different markets and interests. So, we cannot just say only a few items, but the items can be many so that items purchased from China can help you to earn more profit in your own country.

Five most profitable products that you can import from China

Your product profit margin is determined by the sort of product you select. If the product profit is low, then you must sell a lot of the product in order to reach your profit goals; however, if the product profit is very high, you can still turn a profit even with low sales volume.

However, this does not imply that you must be able to generate income when selecting high-profit products. Your business will also be influenced by other elements like cost price and product popularity.

We have primarily listed 5 categories of the most profitable Chinese imports below for your consideration.

1. Makeup tools

As more and more girls concentrate on makeup for cosmetic appeal, makeup instruments are among the most lucrative imports from China. It offers a wide variety of equipment for different purposes such as:

  • Brushes
  • Mirrors
  • Eyelash tweezers
  • Other makeup tools

The cost of makeup tools is typically modest, although they cost more on retail websites. For instance, if you decide on a makeup mirror product for your company then on Alibaba, the cost price is roughly $3, but on Amazon, the retail price can reach $40.

Sales are unimportant because the mirror is a necessarily required item of makeup equipment.

2. Kitchen tools

One of the most lucrative items to import from China is kitchenware, which includes a wide range of goods. The cost price of these goods are typically modest when they are provided by suppliers or manufacturers, yet their retail prices on Amazon are high.

Use rubber gloves as an illustration. On Amazon, a pair of rubber gloves costs around $20, but on Alibaba, wholesale rates range from $0.3 to $1.3 depending on the quantity you need. Additionally, you have a variety of colour and design options.

3. Sports products

Sports goods have become more and more popular products as people have become health consciousness. Many importers believe that sports products are the most popular goods to import from China since they encompass a wide range of product categories.

For instance, sports water bottles are a popular item for importers to purchase from China. On wholesale websites, the cost price can be quite low, which is around $3 to $3.5, while on the other hand, the retail price on Amazon is more expensive, which is about $15.

4. Phone accessories

Mobile phone accessories are another popular Chinese import. These tiny items are in high demand on the market.

Mobile phone accessories will be a wise choice if you are just getting started and have low procurement expenditures. Use protective glass as an illustration.

You may make good money by selling phone protector glass on Amazon because it costs between $0.13 and $1 on wholesale websites and roughly $13 on Amazon.

These little items on wholesale platforms typically require MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Varying online marketplaces and manufacturers or suppliers have different minimum order quantities.

When placing an order for any popular items in China, you must be mindful of this condition.

5. Fashion accessories

Numerous little objects, such as hair bands, bags, and trinkets, are considered fashion accessories. They have been the most frequently imported products from China. It is in high demand and has a sizable market, particularly for the female demographic.

Use a hairband as an illustration. On Alibaba, the wholesale cost is roughly $3, and on Amazon, the sale cost is $12.99. It undoubtedly generates huge income.

The following is the list of many other products that you can import from China:

  • Automatic tent
  • Beach foot pad
  • Cheap Lego toys
  • Disposable pet diaper
  • Disposable pet pads
  • False eyelashes
  • Handbags
  • Inflatable lounge
  • Milestone blanket
  • Moving straps
  • Pen
  • Pet clothes
  • Picture frame
  • Reverse inverted umbrella
  • Silicone baking tools
  • Silicone travel bottle
  • Small items used in the kitchen
  • Smart backpack
  • Socks
  • Space castle tent for kids
  • Stainless steel straw
  • T-shirt
  • Wine glass


All that we can say in the end is that every country or business has its own market segment with different marketing tactics. So, which items to be purchased from China will offer you the best profit is entirely your choice based on your own experience.

However, the basic principle of finding the right product may be quite similar. Once you have understood that then you can decide on the right products for you to import from China.