A Guide to buying a drawing tablet for beginners

We are living in a digital age and have to use technologies every day on a daily basis.  It is inevitable to avoid such gadgets and tools that can help create something extraordinary. A drawing tablet for beginners is one example of people using technology head-on.

For someone who is new to the idea of getting a drawing tablet for beginners, it can be very overwhelming and intimidating. The reason does not lie within the level of their skills but with the abundance of different kinds of companies who are manufacturing various kinds of tablets.

There are so many choices for drawing tablets for beginners that it can become a tiring task to choose the right one depending on their specifications and features. But it is very comforting to know that once you find the right drawing tablet for beginners the creation of digital art becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Features and Specifications of a Drawing Tablet for Beginners

Being new to the world of technological gadgets like drawing tablets can be a great setback if you don’t know the basics before buying them.  Like any other technological device drawing tablets for beginners also include some specifications and features of their own.

It is very important to pay attention to these specifications in order for the drawing tablet to work properly and remain in accordance with your work. These specifications impact the overall performance of the drawing tablet by affecting its functionality and the quality of the work produced.

The major features include pressure sensitivity, size, resolution, responsiveness, stylus pen, controlling keys, battery life, warranty, and display type. Before elaborating on the specifications we would like to point out some pronounce companies that are producing high-quality drawing tablets for beginners at economical prices.  These include VEIKK, Apple, and Samsung.

These companies are very popular and have been manufacturing drawing tablets for ages now.  So rest assured you can easily buy a suitable drawing tablet for yourself without any qualms.

Guidance for the Specifications of a Drawing Tablet for Beginners

When you are talking about pressure sensitivity the drawing tablet has a range that starts from 300 to 3000 sensitivity levels.  Use a stylus pen for applying pressure the harder you press, the thicker lines will be produced.

You should always choose a moderately sensitive drawing tablet because it allows the age of the user.  As a beginner, it is always better to choose pressure sensitivity that falls within 1000 to 1500 otherwise you may even go higher.

It is important to discuss what size you want your drawing tablet to be especially if you are a beginner. Always understand that when we are talking about the size it includes the active area and the entire size of the tablet.

The active area must be adequate in size to accommodate the drawings made by the user. You can even choose portable options if you think that is the way to go so using a smaller size would be wise.

The resolution of a drawing tablet refers to the LPI.  It stands for the lines per inch the tablet is ready to display and the amount of pressure it can detect from the Stylus pen. High resolution means that your drawings will be very e intense and complex.  It lets you add more details to your art. Mostly all the drawing tablets that are large in size have a high resolution and vice versa.

The stylus pen is a very small component of a drawing tablet but it is one of the most important parts of it.  These come in three types that are either powered by a battery, rechargeable ones, and ones that work on electromagnetic resonance.

Choosing different kinds of Stylus pens totally depends on the style of your work because all perform in the same kind of manner. Make sure you try the Stylus pen before buying it so you know how to handle it properly with the drawing tablet.

Other than these factors one must also make sure that the drawing tablet falls within their budget.  This is a very important point especially if you are a beginner.  As a beginner, you might want to buy a drawing tablet, especially on a trial and error basis.


In short, these are a few specifications that one needs to understand before buying a drawing tablet for beginners. Make sure you understand these points and follow them for making informed decisions about these drawing tablets.