A guide to buying men’s sexy underwear

Have you ever wondered that your underwear doesn’t have to be boring to be comfortable? Most guys don’t pay heed to what they are wearing as long as it fits the nether regions. Buying underwear is one of the men’s most personal and private decisions, and comfort is prioritised over anything else. However, browsing the men’s sexy underwear range may help you come across new styles and patterns of underwear that would provide comfort and make you look and feel attractive. Here are some tips for you that would guide you through the purchase process:


Most women refer to briefs in a derogatory way calling them ‘tightly whities’ and considering them to be the most boring kind of underwear. However, if you love wearing briefs, you can choose from the wide range of designer styles available in the market. The newer styles are sleeker and stereotype-breaking, making them ideal for men with different body types. While choosing briefs, keep in mind that the fit may be affected by the way leg holes are cut at different angles by various labels. If you are concerned about a larger posterior, it is best to choose briefs with more material above the thigh area to get better coverage behind. 


Boxers are the classic choice if you don’t want to be too showy or tight. They are available in multiple patterns and colors that you can choose from. If you do not wear slim jeans or trousers regularly, boxers are the best choice. Boxers worn in your teens to avoid the discomfort of tighty whities have also undergone a gentlemanly makeover over the past few years. The traditional version of boxers with an elasticated waist and baggy cut has been given a modern touch by introducing slimmer cuts and shorter options with the stretch band, making it a viable option for individuals with slim thighs.    

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are the popular style of men’s underwear. They have the perfect combination of briefs and boxers. The combination of fit of the briefs and length of boxers make it versatile underwear for men. It could be a go-to style for you if you like slimmer silhouettes. Boxer briefs with a button fly and hitting mid-to-low thighs can be extremely stylish for men with larger thighs, and the material between the legs would prevent chafing or rubbing. 


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Trunks are the shorter version of boxer briefs and have garnered popularity in recent times with the growing trends for super-skinny trousers. It would be the best choice for men with slimmer thighs as the fabric provides high stretch. Additionally, if you have leaner legs, the tight fit of the trunks is not likely to leave excess fabric around the things, which may make your appearance sleeker.  

Thongs, g-strings, and bikinis

The range of men’s sexy underwear remains incomplete without including g-string, thongs, and bikinis. Such underwears do justice to men flaunting those well-sculpted looks after rigor and consistent hard work. A bikini called micro brief can be opted for if you want to cover the buttocks while keeping the thighs exposed. The thong with a confined space in the front provides barely naked coverage, which is ideal for getting a great tan and showing off the perfectly chiseled body. G-strings speak highly of the wearer’s confidence, and such underwear is opted for enhancing personal comfort and sex appeal.    

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