Abigale Step In Dog Harness from The Paw Co

Dogs are the most lively and playful pets referred to by most people. These canine species are not just popular for their being loyal to their master but are also stress busters and good companions for all walks of life. Raising a dog can boost both physical and mental health. So if you own a dog and are looking for accessories for it, then you are most welcome to shop for an Abigale step-in dog harness from The Paw Co. 

Some brief facts about The Paw Co

Those who might not be aware of The Paw Co so much must know that it is one of the leading brands in Australia. It deals in the latest clothing trends and accessories for dogs that fit the best as per your standards and requirements. With luxury, the team of The Paw Co looks forward to convenience and comfort for your darling pet. 

What makes The Paw Co a great choice to go with?

The one big reason why one must refer to The Paw Co is it’s one of the top-ranked designer and accessories brands in Australia having a wider international reach. This online brand comprises a wide collection of handmade apparel and accessories for your furry friend. When it comes to products, then it does not compromise the quality. 

All of its products are stitched with the best quality fabrics at the international level. With fashion, the products here are very comfortable for your pet dog. The products here are made with top-quality material which justifies Paw Co being the best brand for stylish clothes and accessories for canine species. 

At Paw Co, you can search for anything that you want to have for your dogs, be it designer sweaters, collars, waterproof jackets, harnesses, toys, and beds. By visiting the official website, you can shop for amazing pink and lime-colored Abigale Step in Dog Harness priced at $110. The design has been done to bring durability and better usage. It comes featured with a step-in design which is free from any choking hazard and can be adjusted accordingly. 

Abigale comes with a blend of style, comfort, and sophistication and can stay longer with better care. Embossed with a silk printed monogram Paw co logo, it is crafted with a hundred percent soft pink and lime pebbled authentic leather from Italy. It is buffed with rose gold hardware. 

Adding other benefits include a double D ring for better grip and a snap-on buckle which is molded to bring convenience to your four-legged furry friend. It comes in 3 different sizes – small, large, and medium. You can make payments with your usual payment mode including PayPal, GPay, and ShopPay.

You must spare time from your busy work life and should get on to browse myriad products for your lovable pet dog. Paw Co provides all facilities that you wish to have for your canine. These include a dog bowl where they can eat and drink, a Neave poop bag in multiple colors, and a bowtie set with amazing designs. Are you looking for more blogs? Search on blogclus