Artificial Intelligence and its prospects: SYPWAI

Everyone has heard about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and its wide application in everyday life. In simple terms, scientists have created a machine that can think like a human, have an opinion of its own and draw unique conclusions. The work of AI is based on a mathematical principle, where a chain of logical conclusions follows a given algorithm.

The field of application of the latest developments is constantly expanding. Artificial Intelligence is capable of performing any task that humans face daily. But it does it many times faster and achieves more effective results.

Design and operation of AI

What is artificial intelligence capable of doing? It can recognize the reality around it, make logical conclusions, learn (in fact, this process happens all the time), and create a model of the future as effectively as possible based on the available data. Machines can understand, discern and replicate emotions, and create works of art. They can do almost everything that humans know and can do. Only AI does it much faster and based on a mathematical pattern.

AI builds matrices that help it learn and make the right decisions. The pattern allows it to find patterns and avoid mistakes later on.

Artificial Intelligence is used in various fields. But it is mainly systems for speech recognition, facial expressions, and gestures that require the processing of large volumes of information. Such computer programs are already being installed in supermarkets, railway stations, and crowded places. AI helps recognize a person’s mood and is highly likely to determine their future actions. This allows a criminal to be identified in a huge crowd of people.

In business, the algorithmic way of thinking, multiplied by the speed of machine processing:

  • allows you to make a production leap in a short period;
  • optimizes work processes;
  • builds supply chains;
  • generates predictions and an algorithm of actions to maximize efficiency and profitability.

The AI uses its actions to further analyze, correct errors, and build better algorithms. Multiple repetitions lead to improvements in the program, identifying flaws and correcting them.

Machine intelligence and the living human being: interaction

Futurists, when making predictions for the future, closely link the activities of ordinary humans and artificial intelligence. It can be found in all walks of life, from inspecting, adjudicating, and strategizing a company and an individual’s daily routine to defining the concept of government and the use of natural resources.

Where to find AI:

  • Social media has become an indispensable attribute of everyday life. This is where we find the information we need, communicate and work. Large companies have long used the power of the machine to sort data, to optimize the search process. Appearance in a stream of necessary news or contacts, and instant reaction to responses of friends is a merit of certain algorithms which remember and systematize requests. Social networks are becoming more and more convenient and comfortable every year.
  • In online payments, it is impossible to do without the use of fast-acting AI-based programs. They help identify fraudsters, and illegal transactions and find the best deals for customers. E-banking has become a part of life, and its functionality relies heavily on machine intelligence.
  • Opening search engines, and using media content, one can notice that the data is tailored to the account holder’s interests. Platforms such as Youtube generate lists automatically based on previous requests. This is convenient for the individual and one does not have to spend a lot of time searching.
  • It would take a long time to scan the entire Internet and get the best answer. The AI will do it in a few seconds, and only the websites and files you want will appear in Google’s output. The software also has a function to provide advanced data that might be of interest.
  • With the massive development of land and air transport, it is impossible to do without a central control panel that will analyze routes, and make optimal navigation maps taking into account road repairs, availability of detours, and rush hour traffic congestion. An in-car navigation application takes advantage of some AI capabilities and paves the way by analyzing a lot of data.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into daily human life processes is constantly increasing and covers all areas of existence: construction, security, judicial industry, government functions, formation of various documentation, etc.

What SYPWAI offers?

The development of AI-enabled technologies is a profitable enterprise. Many companies are involved in bringing new software to market. The startup SYPWAI was founded in 2018, and after just a few months the newcomer managed to wow the experienced players and create a new product in the IT field. It has managed to receive a $90 million grant to promote and improve it.

The firm is positioning itself as a leader in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in business. It aims to work closely with AI at all levels of production, commerce, and communication. Modern technology should help earn and improve the quality of life of each individual. The startup cooperates with the best experts in its field, scientists and testers, computer software developers, and salespeople to achieve its goals. A specialist from anywhere in the world can take part.

The company’s creative ideas have been successfully used by many organizations dealing with large flows of information that need to be processed and organized. SYPWAI’s clients include major modern companies in the construction and materials industries. To give the employees of these companies enough time to master new technologies, all calculations, and data analysis is taken over by the AI. Corporations outsource some of the mathematical calculations to a machine, while humans take care of more important things without being distracted by calculations. This approach increases the accuracy of processes, and the speed of their execution, and makes it possible to select optimized solutions.

Everyone’s contribution to learning artificial intelligence

The start-up’s unique offering allows anyone, regardless of education, age, or social status, to take part in creating a prototyping mindset for AI. Quality neural networks need to incorporate huge amounts of data for the algorithm to be built most efficiently. SYPWAI is looking for new employees who are willing to take part in training the machine.

If a candidate passes the selection process, they are given a compact device that resembles a minicomputer that fits in their pocket. Its functionality is the same as that of a notebook computer. They are given simple tasks which have to be solved conveniently. These can be school problems in any subject, graphic puzzles, captcha, or logical charades. The solution method is “food” for artificial intelligence and a basis for deducing patterns and constructing algorithms.

Become a member of a new program

Anyone of legal age can take part in AI training. You will need a handheld device, and registration on the company’s website with your phone number, account name, and email. After the formation of a QR code with instructions, all that is left is to follow them and carry out the available tasks.

The startup pays good money for this kind of work. Withdrawals are made via PayPal, e-wallet, cryptocurrencies, and other sites. Daily employment for 2-3 hours will provide an income of $500 per month.


Employees of the company speak positively about the project itself, noting the ease of navigation and interesting tasks. All information about the project SYPWAI is freely available on the website, where everyone can find it, and leave comments and feedback.

The close integration of artificial intelligence into the lives of ordinary people can be seen now. These connections will only deepen in the future.