Benefits of Roofing Tiles in Kenya

Everyone dreams of having an aesthetically pleasing home and the roofing tiles have made people smile after making achievements of getting their adorable homes or maybe offices. In this article, we shall focus on the various types of roofing tiles.

They are beautiful and enduring-The natural aesthetic value that is brought about by using tiles has made many homes look more attractive. The roof design keeps on changing in terms of shapes and profiles as time goes by.

Strength-Roof tiles are advantageous to use while building. They can last for years without being damaged by fire, frost, hail, or even insects.

Sustainability-They is made from natural raw materials hence they do not negatively affect the environment. They are free from chemical preservatives.

Versatile-Roofing tiles are the most versatile materials if we compare them with the other building materials. Due to their texture, they can easily be molded into different architectural styles.

They have efficient energy-They can cool houses in summer and warm them during winter since they have an airtight barrier that is created naturally through ventilations that are found below the tiles.

Soundproof- The tiles prevents and reduces noise that might come from the surrounding thus enabling one to have a good relaxation time.

They are easy to install and maintain- They are easy to install if installed by an expert. Roof tiles that are made from concrete or clay are cost-effective thus making them easy to maintain.

What are the cons of using the Roofing Tiles?

They are made from heavy materials-  it is necessary to hire an expert in roofing for is capable of verifying the weight your home can hold. Your home should be reinforced with the right structure.

Expensive- tiles made from concrete and clay are quite expensive but durability should come first.

Roofing tiles can be brittle once something fall on them making them break due to the impact damage.

They get dirty since they give room for algae growth.

It is critical to design the tiles to the desired shape before installing them.

What are the benefits of having Roof Tiles?

The concrete roof tiles come with a 50 years warranty meaning that your roof will remain intact for 50 years without incurring any maintenance charges.

The roof tiles are also offered a color life warranty meaning that the color will remain the same entirely.

The roof tiles are also tank water safe this shows that the water that is harvested from these roofs is safe for consumption.

The roofing tiles prices in Kenya vary depending on the seller, brand and the quality of the tiles. Buyers have plenty to choose from.

Roof tiles are also sound insulators.

They are prone to corroding or rusting. They create resistance in harsh environments for example in the coastal regions

Types of Roofing Tiles

Classic Roofing Tiles with color variation- They give your building an outstanding look.

Classic Roofing Tiles with a maroon colour-They are light thus making the house to stand still.

Classic Roofing Tiles with black color -They make the house appealing hence giving it an aesthetic look.

The Slate Roof Tiles-They have unique and beautiful. They have color variations. They are durable and are also fire resistant. They are very classic.

Concrete Roofing Tiles-They are affordable. They are quite heavy thus requiring a reinforced roof structure.

The Composite Roof Tiles-They are light and have many advantages over the other roofing tiles.

Solar Roofing Tiles-They help in drawing power from the sun naturally.

Clay Roofing Tiles-They are quite heavy and can break easily if not handled carefully. Clay roof tiles come in different colors which are very beautiful and appealing. They are also waterproof.

The Synthetic Cedar Roofing Tiles-They are easy to install and are very light.

It is very crucial to select a durable roof tile that will make your house oustanding by giving it an aesthetic look. The roof should also be in a position to withstand different weather conditions. You should also use an expert in roofing to do the installation.