Boost Your Brain Memory and Improve Focus Naturally

We want to boost our memory, improve focus, and sharpen our brains naturally. However, if you think that you need dietary supplements, a specific diet, and play various online games to sharpen your brain, it’s not necessary. To improve your brain performance, you do not need certain vitamins. Here are some tips and common foods to help boost your brain function naturally.

Tips to Improve Brain Function Naturally

1.  Exercise muscles and brain

Exercise helps the blood to flow throughout the whole body. It provides your brain with the necessary nutrients and oxygen to perform well. Research has shown that people, who walk 30-60 minutes thrice a week, have improved blood flow to part of the brain associated with memory retention. After 12 weeks, their memory tests performed well. Other types of exercise can also be helpful. Yoga thrice a week improves brain efficiency in older adults.

2.  Eat breakfast

Don’t try to skip breakfast and take shortcuts. Studies have shown that breakfast improves attention and short term memory. Those who take breakfast do better than people who don’t eat breakfast. It is important to begin your day with a healthy breakfast and make sure you don’t overeat. High calorie breakfast can be a barrier to concentration.

3.  Take a nap

Staying busy the whole day, it is important to take a nap. It helps to reboot your tired brain in the afternoon. It is a great way to improve your mood and charge yourself for the rest of the day. Taking a nap increases your focus and motor skills. Nap helps solve creative problems by making new connections in the brain.

4.  Learn something new

Online games will not be enough to boost your memory and improve focus. Learning something new sharpens your brain. Researchers tried various activities with older people, but those who learned something new, like quilting, had significantly improved the performance of the brain. Similar to a muscle, the more you use your brain, the stronger it will be. Try new hobbies that challenge you and excite you, like learning a new language, picking a musical instrument or playing chess.

Foods to Boost Your Brain

1. Fruits

Eating fruits, such as avocados, can lower bad cholesterol. As the brain relies on blood flow, it increases blood flow, offering an easy way to fire your brain cells. It contains monounsaturated fat, which helps in healthy blood flow. Whole grains such as popcorn and whole wheat include vitamin E and dietary fibre.

2. Nuts and Chocolate

Seeds and nuts contain vitamin E. Studies have reported that as you age, you cognitive impairment is increased. Dark chocolate also includes antioxidant properties. You don’t need to consume too much; an ounce of dark chocolate and nuts boost your mind.

3. Fish

Fish is rich in protein; it also provides omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats to boost the brain. Diet high in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of stroke and dementia. It also helps by improving memory. Eat two servings of fish a week for brain and heart health.

4. Blueberries

Animal research reported that blueberries prevents the brain damage due to free radicals and decreases the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also shown that a diet rich in blueberries improves both muscle function and learning in older rats. All you need is one cup a day.


You can boost your brain memory and improve focus naturally by eating breakfast, learning something new, exercising, taking a nap and eating fruits, blueberries, fish, and nuts. Alternatively you can also supplement your brain boosting efforts by taking your daily vitamins. If you find that supplements cost a bit more than what you can afford on a daily basis then you can take advantage of supplement affiliate program such as the one that methyl-life PRO provides. Their supplement affiliate program will not only help you save money on your supplements but can also end up helping you make money by promoting the supplements to your friends and family.

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