Boosting Bolted Joint Inspections with Bolt-Check: A Game-Changing Ultrasonic Measurement Device

In the world of industrial operations, the reliability of bolted joints is paramount. Ensuring the integrity of these joints is essential to prevent potential failures and operational downtime. This is where Bolt-Check, an innovative ultrasonic measurement device offered by R&D Test Systems A/S, steps in. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, Bolt-Check revolutionizes the way bolted joints are inspected, providing a cost-effective solution that can be seamlessly integrated at any stage of the supply chain.

· Fast and Accurate Inspections:

Bolt-Check harnesses the power of ultrasonic technology to deliver fast and accurate inspections of bolted joints. By utilizing ultrasonic waves, the device can detect flaws, such as insufficient tightening or internal corrosion, with exceptional precision. This enables operators to identify potential issues before they escalate into costly failures, ensuring the safety and reliability of critical equipment.

· Cost-Effectiveness and Versatility:

Bolt-Check stands out for its cost-effectiveness, simplifying inspections without compromising accuracy. It eliminates the need for time-consuming pre-treatment of bolts, making it versatile for implementation across the supply chain. This ensures continuous monitoring of bolted joints from manufacturing to maintenance, maximizing their lifecycle.

· Intuitive User Platform and Traceability System:

Bolt-Check features an intuitive user platform, streamlining inspections with its user-friendly interface. Operators can easily perform measurements and interpret results. Furthermore, its robust traceability system enables instant retrieval of bolt information from the comprehensive database, facilitating efficient scheduling of service and maintenance to enhance operational efficiency.

· Cloud Solution for Bolt Management:

Bolt-Check offers a cloud solution that revolutionizes bolt management, streamlining inspection data organization. The cloud-based database enables storing, sorting, and examining measured bolts, providing a comprehensive inventory overview. This centralized approach simplifies data analysis, trend identification, and report generation, facilitating proactive maintenance planning and minimizing the risk of unexpected downtime.


Bolt-Check is a game-changing ultrasonic measurement device that enhances bolted joint reliability efficiently and cost-effectively. With its state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive traceability system, Bolt-Check ensures consistent monitoring of bolted joints, minimizing failure risk and maximizing operational efficiency. Investing in Bolt-Check enables businesses to elevate inspection practices and achieve higher levels of safety, reliability, and productivity.