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KuttyMovies is the world’s most popular female internet personality 100mmccarthytechcrunch. With her monthly ‘KuttyMovies’ blog post, Kutty has honed her online presence and developed a loyal following. But, like all users, she also has hidden depths. One of those pits is hidden below the surface—a dark side that may shock you but will leave you in a better state of mind.

The dark side of KuttyMovies

This is the side of that many of us are unaware of. We’ve all heard the rumors that Kutty is extremely controlling and unpredictable, but how? One word: troll.

Trolls are online predators who are usually looking for a willing target. They may also be looking for someone who is easily led, who has low self-esteem, or who may otherwise be a particularly negative individual.

Watch out for nasty comments from trolls on

Unfortunately, the minute that you start replying to negative or confrontational comments, the conversation will be over. You’ll be wasting everyone’s time—especially your customers’ time—if you don’t at least give the person a chance to state their thoughts.

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Be safe, be Kutty!

Bearing it all in, we’re already starting to see a trend of more and more people embracing their femininity more. It’s a great sign that boys are also starting toPeriod. Many have simply started engaging in more overt expressions of masculinity, such as wearing a suit, carrying a gun, and taking the “patty puff” pose. But, are they really?

The Internet is a big place and ‘’ is no different. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explore your own interests.

You can always start a new topic or two to explore as you go, but do keep in mind that your submissions are very much appreciated. If you’ve got something you’d like to share with the world, but haven’t been able to find the motivation or inspiration to post about yet, there are a few ways you can go about this.

Bottom line

This may sound like a long way to get something if you’ve always been locked inside your own head, but don’t give up! No one has the right to tell you what to think or how to feel. Just like you and your blog, don’t expect help from anyone else. Period.

If you’ve got problems, problems, then seek help. If you know someone who might be able to help, reach out. But don’t let anyone else(s) take over your life, either. That’s what happens when you’re too absorbed in your own thoughts: You miss what’s happening around you.

Remember, you’re not supposed to be ‘the’ person on the internet, you’re supposed to be the ‘us’ person, the ‘we’ person, and the ‘they’ person. We need to work together, as one, to create a better future for all of us.