Bring Color and Style to Your Footwear with Studded Boots

Jelly studded boots are puddle boots designed in New York and made in Italy. The jelly material is available in 4 different colors, red, nude, black and navy blue. An expanded selection of jelly colors will be available later this year.

These puddle boots are designed with a row of studs around the sole and at the heel.

History of Jelly Studded Boots

Studded boots were first seen in the early 2000s when famous fashion designer Christian Louboutin introduced a new style of women’s booties or ankle boots.

These booties featured a thick wedge heel and a small platform, and several rows of small metal studs on the toe and sides. The boots were an instant hit with fashion-conscious women, and they quickly became a very popular design.

Since their introduction, ankle boots have continued to be a popular fashion trend. In fact, recently they have become increasingly popular and can now be found in various styles and colors.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, black pair to wear to the office or a fun, brightly colored pair to wear on a night out, you’ll find a style of studded boots that are perfect for you.

Studded Boots are very Popular!

Studded boots are a popular style of puddle boots (sometimes called ankle boots). They are often seen in celebrities and other people who are fashion-conscious. The studded boots can be worn with various outfits and can add a touch of interest and color to an outfit. They are also comfortable to wear, making them a popular choice for people who need to be on their feet all day.

If you are looking for a fashion-forward pair of boots, jelly studded boots may be the right option. They are stylish and comfortable and can add interest and personality to any outfit. Try a pair today and see how you like them!

How to clean your Jelly Studded Boots?

There’s nothing worse than taking your brand-new jelly studded boots out for the first time and realizing that they’re covered in dirt and mud. Here are a few tips on how to clean them quickly and easily.

  1. Use a soft brush to remove any debris from the surface of the boots.
  2. Rinse the boots with cool water and allow them to air dry.
  3. If the boots are filthy, you can also use a weak dish soap and water solution to clean them.
  4. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterward and allow them to air dry.

With these simple tips, your pair of studded boots will be looking as good as new in no time!

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