Car accident in Las Vegas: Answering essential questions

Las Vegas remains one of the most popular destinations in the US for travelers and thrill-seekers alike. Expectedly, a considerable number of auto accidents happen on the roads of Vegas, and people are often not sure how they should deal with the situation following a mishap. If you are a victim of reckless driving, you can contact top firms like Ladah Law Firm for a free session with their attorneys. For your help, we have answered some key questions below. 

Should you stop after the accident?

Yes, you need to immediately stop (if you were driving). Also, you should inform the police without any further delay. If you are feeling unsafe or don’t want to get out of your car, that’s fine, but try and swap key details with the other driver. An investigating officer will come to check the scene and take details, and you are expected to cooperate with them. 

What do you need from the other driver?

Firstly, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you may feel angry and agitated. Ensure that you don’t engage in arguments. If you were partly at fault, do not mention anything or admit fault. Only your attorney should know those details. When you talk to the other driver, get their name, address, contact details, vehicle registration information, license number, and insurance info. 

Do you need to file a report?

If you called the police and an investigating officer arrived at the scene, they will file the report, and you don’t need to do that separately. If there was no response from the police, you must complete a report when someone was injured, or the estimated damages are worth $750 or more. You need to file the report within ten days from the accident date. If you fail to do so, your license could be suspended for a year. 

Should you hire an attorney?

Yes, absolutely. You may want to believe that the insurance company will do what it takes to give you a fair settlement, but in the real world, insurance companies don’t care for victims at all. You need an attorney on your side, especially if you believe that you were not at fault, to get a settlement that covers your losses. Most lawyers don’t charge a fee until you win, and this contingency arrangement makes it easier to seek legal representation. 

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