Car accident in Lehi: Here’s why you should hire a lawyer

Auto accidents can happen to anyone and are common on the roads of Utah. If you ever get injured in a car accident in Lehi, you should know your rights and take the necessary steps to protect your interests. The bigger question is whether you need legal advice. Working with a Lehi, UT car accident lawyer will help in almost all circumstances. Here’s why hiring a lawyer is so essential and relevant. 

  1. Utah is a no-fault state. If you get injured in a car accident, your PIP insurance will pay for your medical bills and losses up to the extent of coverage. Insurance companies, of course, don’t ever play fair and will try to downplay your injuries. Without an attorney, you will have to deal with the insurance representative alone. 
  2. You could have a personal injury lawsuit. You could move out of the no-fault insurance system and sue the other driver at fault in some circumstances. This is when you have sustained severe injuries, such as disfiguration, or have spent $3,000 or more in medical bills. To file a personal injury lawsuit, a lawyer is your best bet. 
  3. Know your claim. How much should you seek for your injuries and losses? An accident lawyer can help you evaluate that. No matter whether you are up against the insurance company or the at-fault party, negotiations will only start after you know the worth of your case. The experience of an attorney cannot be discounted. 
  4. When you are at fault. The modified comparative fault rule in Utah can be confusing. You can recover money from the other party if you are not more than 50% at fault. Insurance companies and lawyers may try to use the fault system against you, and to fight better; you need an accident lawyer on your side. 
  5. No fee when no recovery. People often worry that they will have to pay huge to personal injury lawyers. Truth be told, all accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. If you don’t recover anything from the other party, you will not have to pay them. The fee is a percentage of the settlement you get. 

Hiring an attorney in Lehi for your accident lawsuit is not just a choice. Consider seeking the experience of a lawyer who has handled hundreds of negotiations and trials to win settlements for clients. Their work ethics and expertise can help you recover a fair compensation amount.