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The Office of Human Resources (OHR), a part of the WVRD, oversees employee benefits and the allocation of resources. But what’s a WVRD Solarwinds to do when their company offers perks that are against company policy? The answer is simple: you must comply with company regulations. And while it might feel like there is no end to the number of regulations we have to perform, there is actually an end to them all. For example, how much weight do you as an employee put on corporate policies? Should you report potential problems or preventations from occurring? Should your performance reviews be open to the public or confidential? What if I tell others about this perk so they can take action as well? Whatever you do, don’t ignore these questions! The answer will most likely be no and in some cases, a firm “no” will mean no perks for them at all.

What is a WVRD employee benefit?

When an employer offers perks and benefits that are against company policy, employees are expected to report any problems to human resources. If they don’t, the company will lose those benefits and, in some cases, their job. The company may also be required to pay the employee a penalty. If your company offers perks and benefits that are against company policy, you need to report them to HR. And, if the company retroactively returns those benefits to you, you need to take those steps even if the company has given you permission to keep them.

How to access benefits?

If you work for a company that offers perks and benefits that are against company policy, you can learn about the benefits and regulations by contacting the HR department. You can also contact the benefits manager of the company where you work and ask them to list the company’s employee benefits. You can find these benefits on the company website.

Company Policies and Procedures

If the company policy is against your contract, you can’t ignore it. Instead, you have one of two options. You can ask your HR department to explain the policy to you or you can take the company to court. You cannot ignore company policies because you would be violating company honor and policies. You can also file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to complain about what you believe are unfair or discrimination policies.

Report Deficiencies and Provenance

If you discover a problem with company procedure, such as an employee being late for work or not reporting a problem to HR, report it to the HR department. If the company doesn’t act on your report, you can ask the EEOC to investigate the company. If the company fails to act on your report and you cost the company money, the company will have to pay you. Some companies will pay you if they fix the problem and you are no longer on their payroll. Other companies will pay you only if you leave with no money left on the account.

What if I tell Others About This Perk So They Can Take Action?

If you don’t tell others about this perk so they can take action, they will receive benefits from the same company they were previously employed by. But if they complain to HR or the human resources manager, the company will have to pay you.


The good news is that it’s really really easy to get access to benefits and regulations at a company. You just have to look for them. You no longer have to search every little thing in your life for a purpose. You can now just Google “benefits” and “regulations” and you will be able to get all the benefits and regulations you need. And, since most companies don’t have specific policies against certain perks or benefits, you can just ask. And if the company doesn’t have such a policy, you can always contact HR and see if they have an answer for you.