Choose a swimsuit that suits your skin tone.

If the problem does not arise when buying a swimsuit, choosing the color of your beach swimwear is not done lightly.

It should match your skin tone and skin type. Guide-piscine gives you tips for choosing your swimsuit according to your skin and tells you what other things to look out for.

For good skin

If you have fair skin and don’t tan easily, choose bikini swimsuits with dark colors such as black, black, or red. Avoid completely yellow, orange, or beige tones. The goal is to play the contrast card without showing your pallor. The freshness of pastel tones is also famous for showing off your color.

Choose blue, pink, or mauve for a guaranteed healthy glow. You should also know that black and chocolate are timeless colors associated with fair skin and a refined silhouette.

For matte and dark skin

If you tan easily or naturally have slightly golden skin, choose a swimsuit with warm tones like yellows, chocolates, oranges, and golden browns instead. On the other hand, if you have dark or black skin, all boldness is allowed.

With bright colors, greens, and reds, you have the opportunity to choose a swimsuit in the color of your choice! Note, however, that bright colors or whites will enhance your skin as much as possible. Avoid dark colors that will look off the tone of your skin.

Other selection criteria

If you have light eyes and fair skin, choose turquoise or blue that will emphasize the color of your eyes. If you have green eyes and dark skin, do not hesitate to choose a green apple, for example. Women with dark hair can quickly wear a chocolate swimsuit.

The shape of your swimsuit is also essential to show off your silhouette. 1-pieces hide curves, while 2-piece models show off more of your body and allow full coverage.

Whatever color you choose, always remember to try on your swimsuit before you buy it.

Five tips for choosing the right swimsuit

Before you walk on the beach or learn to swim, you should choose your new swimsuit. If it seems simple in appearance, exercise sometimes turns out to be a real headache! Guide-piscine gives you some tips for choosing the right swimsuit.

Choose your time well

Trying to swim is often a scary time before the summer because at this time, we have the knowledge of the small kilos gained during the winter and that it is high time to enter the sport. The easier you feel, the more comfortable you will feel in front of the mirror.

Ask your friend or sister to accompany you and give you their opinion. Don’t hesitate to apply a little self-tanning cream to condition yourself and bring out the colors of your swimsuit.

Don’t be too hard on yourself because you can’t always afford it in a cabin, and it’s hard to imagine yourself on the beach. It is not even necessary to try on a swimsuit if you are familiar with the brand.

Think about its behavior

To choose your Kameymall swimsuit before going to the beach, it is essential to consider your morphology. If you want to show your chest, consider ruffles or fringes that give a little volume to the whole.

If you have choppy or generous breasts, feel high-waisted, shape-flattening swimsuits.

The knitted or low-waisted panty is reserved for those who want to show off their armpits. To lighten the chest, consider push-ups or underwires that provide better support.

Choosing the right color for your swimsuit

After thinking about the shape of your swimsuit, also think about its color. If you have wide hips, avoid lines that tend to make you fat. For fair skin, prefer dark tones such as black or dark and avoid pale tones, white or bright colors.

Dark skins, on the other hand, are lucky enough to be able to wear all shades. It’s possible to be in sync over your swimwear. Wear a lighter tone on the part of your body you want to emphasize. To avoid the horrible taste, stay monochromatic (light blue and dark blue, for example) or mix the color with black or white.

Select the appropriate swimsuits

For a beach swimsuit, choose models with a lot of lycra because they are more comfortable and dry quickly in the sun.

On the other hand, they do not tolerate chlorine and salt very well and can live in the same summer.

For swimming trunks, choose materials such as polyester or pbt that are chlorine-free and do not interfere with surface conditions. It is, however, long to harden and less elastic.

Each term has its type of swimming

To choose your swimsuit, ask yourself what you will use it for, and if your goal is to sweep on the sand, you can select the model you like the most. If you want to enjoy the waves or practice water sports, choose a comfortable model that supports your chest well.