Common Divorce Stalling Strategies

The most common question person asks during divorce is how long the divorce will take? Or how much is it going to cost them? Delaying divorce will lead to higher fees for both parties, but some spouses will do whatever to stall the process. 

Your ex-spouse will try to delay the divorce out of spite to gain power over you. It is because they feel powerless or anxious about their future. To address the issue of slowing the divorce process, contact a Divorce lawyer in Houston.

Common divorce stalling strategies

There are many reasons your partner may try to stall the divorce process, including the following.

  1. Unhappy about the divorce.
  2. Fear of losing support
  3. Desire to stall the divorce process as complex and lengthy as possible
  4. Fears of custody arrangements.
  5. Hoping to gain financial support

Here are some common divorce stalling strategies.

  • Refuse to engage in the divorce process at all

Some people simply refuse to engage in the divorce process at all. They avoid phone calls and meetings to talk for a settlement. In some states, you can get a no-fault divorce on the ground, which means you can get a divorce even if your spouse does not engage in the divorce process.

  • Hiding from complaints

When a couple is working together, they can waive the process of service requirement. If someone files for divorce, they alone have to serve papers on their spouse appropriately.

But unfortunately, some people try to hide from the process server. The good thing is, they cannot simply dodge the divorce papers. Once the person serves documents in a reasonable faith effort, the court will provide notice with a local publication.

  • They are filing unreasonable motions.

One of the frustrating things to deal with is when the spouse file misleading or silly legal motions with the court. They may bury their partner in the paperwork to delay the divorce process. 

If the spouse is filing papers in court, they should contact an experienced attorney right away.

What options are available to you when facing stalling issues during the divorce?

Countless incidents have happened before, and that’s why it is crucial to hire an attorney to guide you through the legal process and ensure that the process moves forward as evenly as possible. 

The court judge will observe whatever your spouse tries to perform to delay the process. The judge can order that they will have to pay additional fees and costs associated with delays if they try to obstruct the divorce process.