Common Popcorn Machine Available in the Market

Popcorn machine is a device that is able to make popcorns.Kernels, salt, and oil are all needed.

The article below explains some common popcorn machines and their prices. These are mostly commercial popcorn machines in Kenya. In Kenya popcorn machines are mostly commercial rather than being used in home appliances. The article is useful for someone who wants to purchase an affordable and cheap popcorn machine.

When it comes to great movies that generate a lot of buzzes, most moviegoers prefer to watch them in peace and silence. They frequently make elaborate plans to watch movies. Create a comfortable seating area, connect directly to the television, and, most importantly, have a large bowl of popcorn ready. In Kenya, popcorn is a symbol of romance.

Popcorn making is a source of economic activity, mostly in Kenya. Popcorn machine price in Kenya is about 15000 shillings. Whether as a client snack or for sale at your establishment, popcorn is one of the simplest methods to enhance your profit margin. The truth is that everyone likes popcorn, so getting a business popcorn machine is always a fantastic investment. If you are looking for the finest popcorn maker, we have combed the market to locate all of the greatest machines.

Nostalgia Popcorn Machine

This classic red antique popcorn cart has 12.9-inch rollers. It has a good handle for convenient carrying. It can also be transformed into a countertop unit. The glass is toughened for safety, and the nine-steel kettle is readily removed for refilling or cleaning.

The kernel tray separates raw kernels from popped corn for precise serving, and all machine accessories may be safely kept in the container beneath the popper. Heat the machine for three to five minutes, then shut it off, put the popcorn and oil into the canister, and switch it back on. In Kenya, it costs about 14000 shillings.

Aragon Theatre Popcorn Machine

The machine, as mentioned above’s smaller sister is this Paragon theatre Pop. This fantastic gadget will offer the same high-quality functionality but with a slightly lower yield. In about 3-5 minutes, you can make a lot of popcorn. So, if you are thinking about placing a popcorn popper in your small business to boost revenues, this gorgeous beast of a device will not disappoint.

Thanks to its powder-coated stainless-steel construction and tempered glass panels, this popper looks as nice as it performs. You don’t have to worry about your popcorn losing its shine and succumbing to staleness with a built-in warming deck. An old maid drawer below the central chamber allows you to scoop all of the ‘dud’ kernels through the clever holes and into the collecting tray. This popcorn machine’s burgundy panelling and brilliant yellow letters provide an aesthetic and elegant appeal. This machine costs 15000 Kenya shillings.


These are some of the costly popping machines available. They are also known as Professional Popcorn Makers. While their costs range from $150 to $400, they offer comparable quality, durability, simplicity, and efficiency. The disadvantage of these poppers is enormous, taking up a lot of room. They are, however, only suitable for huge parties and galas or when making extremely large amounts of popcorn.

Using these commercial popcorn poppers is simple. kernels, salt, and oil are all needed. They often come with metallic holding trays attached to the machine’s top, which must be shut off when it is turned on. In other words, after adding the kernels, salt, and oil, you must close the metallic top and start the machine. When the kernels are fully popped, switch off the machine, lift the lever on the side of the container, and pour the freshly popped popcorn into a bowl.