Details about ERC

The Employee Retention Credit is something that helps employers to claim a tax credit if they have suffered huge losses during the pandemic lockdown. There are people known as ERC representatives, who are in charge of smoothing things out and guiding the employers to get the credit. ERC is a boon that has helped start-ups to get back on their feet after the lockdown. Not only did start-ups benefited from the program but also the big business groups were also saved. Click here to learn more.

The 2020 ERC program lets the business owner get a credit of 50% (up to 10,000$) in the wages that are to be paid per employee from March 2020 to December 2020. That makes 5,000 USD per employee. 

The 2021 ERC program has the same system of claiming only the business owner in 2021 ERC will get at 70% of the wages per employee. That makes a whooping 26,000$ per employee. 

When is a business considered partially suspended for ERC?

A business will be considered partially suspended for ERC if a governmental institution like the federal, state, or local government entities regards it. The entities can limit the operations like traveling, holding meetings, or limiting commerce. 

What is the use of tax credit?

ERC has nothing to do with the annual budget or income tax. It is the kind of compensation that the government is offering to the businesses so that they can recover the loss they have undergone due to the lockdown. The credit the businesses receive can be used for future tax payments. 

What is the deadline to apply for an ERC program?

If you want to apply for an ERC program, make sure you do it within 2024. The ERC is accessed by filing a 941-X Amended Quarterly Payroll Tax return. The IRS has claimed that they will be receiving it for three years after the first filing. 


Having good employee retention is very important as it will save the company from losing money. The program will help the business to get back on its feet. All the losses will be recovered and employers can relax after the tough time the pandemic has brought up on. Further, for any information or help regarding the ERC, you can contact ERC personnel. They are the people who deal with ERC cases. They will provide assistance and guide you through the ERC process which is claimed to be quite complex.