Different types of roofs you can get from a roofing company

There are just so many types of roofs, but the most common type of roofs that we usually see and talk about are asphalt singles, they are quite affordable and very diverse when it comes to roof types. There are other types of roofs that are quite durable, which are clay and slate tiles, but at the same time, they are very expensive to begin with. They are more expensive as compared to other materials such as wood or metal. But the ones that are the most expensive types of roofs are the solar shingles and green roofs.

So, when it comes to replacing roofs, or if a homeowner wants to replace their roof because it is getting old and rusty, and before other issues can present themselves, homeowners should get in contact with a professional roofing austin company to get a new type of roof. Choosing a roof is quite hard, but when someone gets the help from a professional roofer, knowing which would suit your home, budget, and climate can become very easy.

Types of roofs you can install with the help of professional roofers.

Shingle roofs containing either or all (asphalt, composite, or fiberglass).

These are the most common type of roofs, almost 90 percent of the homes in the United States have these kinds of roofs. These types of roofs have a long lifespan, they can last for two to three decades and the great thing about them is that they can be used again and again, but only need to be maintained from time to time. These are quite affordable, need low-maintenance, are available in many colors, and work in almost all kinds of weathers.

Metal roofs.

Metal is definitely a modern choice; these types of roofs have been around for 200 years. They are quite affordable in the form of zinc and aluminum, can be transported easily, they are beautiful and even throughout the age, they stay the same, and most of all they are quite low-maintenance. These types of roofs can last for 80 years. They are quite lightweight, can be recycled, durable, and can look like wood, asphalt, and slate. It is quite hard to install, only professional roofing austin companies can install them properly or warp and ripples can develop if they are installed by inexperienced roofers.

Wood roofs.

Wood roofs start off as brown and over time, they become silver. They can last for 50 years but need to be taken care of in hot climates. The building materials for them are redwood, pine, and cedar, because these materials repel insects. It costs 5-7 dollars per square foot. It can be damaged from water and hot weather easily, needs a lot of attention and maintenance.

The downside of having a wood roof is that it makes it easier for rats and squirrels to chew through. Once rodents get in, Hertfordshire pest control becomes more complicated.

Clay tile roofs.

These are quite old, they go as far back as 5,000 years, very popular in ancient China and even now. Their cost ranges from 8-20 dollars per square foot, and their lifespan lasts for about 5 decades to 10 decades. There are many styles that come with it i.e., French, Scania, Spanish and many more.

Clay tiles are more durable than any other type of roof, it is most common in Florida and South California, it is great for hot climates and can take high winds easily as high as 150 mph and it is also very fire-resistant.

Green roofs.

These roofs are great for tackling heat, it takes in water rather than wasting it from the rain, and lasts for 3 to 5 decades. It costs anywhere from 10-25 dollars per square foot, highly durable.

Solar shingle roofs.

Solar shingles are the future, although very expensive. Only professional roofing austin companies can install solar shingle roofs. They can last for 2 to 3 decades and cost about 21-28 dollars.

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