EFL Championship – West Brom Coach Steve Bruce Is Struggling To Make an Impact

As the 2021/22 season of the Championship has started and ongoing, English club West Bromwich Albion was one of the favourite teams to win the championship title. However, new coach Steve Bruce is still having difficulties handling the team.

The club was relegated from the tournament following their finish on the 19th spot under the guidance of Sam Allardyce, even though it was former coach Slaven Bilic that began the campaign for the Championship title.

After a few setbacks, the club hired Valerien Ismael to become the coach of the team, but he left the club in February after a poor performance. He was replaced by Steve Bruce, who was hired to bring back the club to the top-flight league. For odds related to this team, check out Bet365.

Bruce struggles to escape from Ismael’s shadow

Most West Brom supporters wanted Ismael to do his best to bring the club back to the EFL Championship League. The fans took to social media to express their concern for the club. West Brom have difficulties in maintaining the principles that they built at the beginning of the season but the entrance of Bruce still has no impact on the team’s performance.

He became in charge of the team in less than a week following his appointment as the new coach. His first game was not a success, the team lost to Sheffield United with a score of 2-0.

The solution could be a change in team positions

Like any new coach, Bruce is having a difficulty in looking for what is needed for his players.

Ever since he came back for his coaching duties, his team scored just a single goal in the tournament. Also, the injuries only make things worse for the new coach. The signing of Daryl Dike in January has been having no effect, with the player suffering injuries and will be back until March.

However, the possible main reason why the team is not progressing is because of Bruce’s decision to choose Andy Carro as his only attacking player.

The upcoming match gives hope

West Brom has been battling to find their strength, and the only place they can have the chance to fix that is in their upcoming game against Swansea City.

The Jacks have missed four of their previous six matches in the second round, and Russel Martin’s team is almost on the edge. Promotion could be not on the table but they still have more matches to prove their worth, as do their opponents.

The team has not won the four previous games that they have away from their home ground. Although, this factor is what motivates Martin’s team to win their match against West Brom at The Hawthorn. Bruce knew that they needed to score at least once to bring back the support of the fans to his club.

Bruce knows that time is fleeting

According to Bruce, he said “I knew that time is fleeting and we need to start winning because I don’t know what else we should do.”

“I know that there are challenges along the way that we never expect that will crush us. Luckily, we have an excellent home record, and we have eight matches left on our schedule at this ground. We have to give our best because if we fail, then I fail too as a coach,” he added.


Before the crucial game on Monday with Swansea City, Bruce is still stubborn to recognize that the team has a lot to improve. The team looks weak but the only way to turn things around is to show a really good performance and strong form.