Everyday Wear with Jordan Australia

The beautifully rugged terrain of Australia has been known to make outdoor activities more enjoyable. And their penchant for the active lifestyle is complemented by their fondness for street athletic wear like Jordan Australia. These functional yet stylish clothes also allow them to express loyalty to the athletic icon, Michael Jordan.

“Athleisure,” which is a well-timed contraction of the terms “athletic” and “leisure,” is a term that refers to athletic gear that may be worn in non-athletic situations.

The athleisure industry has had a 42 % increase in the previous seven years, and it is predicted to increase to a value of more than $250 billion by 2026.

Technological advances in materials have fuelled fashion’s athleisure movement, the popularity of sports and movement enthusiasts have played a role in its success.

The unlikely beginning of fashion

Michael Jordan revolutionised basketball, but he also commanded fashion on and off the court, and he established himself as a sports legend who has maintained his position through the years. When the documentary “The Last Dance” premiered, it brought people back to the memory, and this inspired a more loyal following, which translated to brisk sales of his apparel. However, he was and continues to be much more than a professional basketball player.

Jordan’s sneakers received attention and continue to innovate, taking advantage of technology and science to provide lighter basketball footwear. As a result, the Jordan brand has become a cultural icon today.

The brand’s origin

Nike’s shoe giant wanted an endorsement deal with Michael Jordan; however, way back in 1984, only tennis players had shirts that carried their names. Jordan was the trailblazer in basketball; in fact, the contract with Nike stipulated a sales target. If the target is not reached, Nike will terminate the agreement. The actual sales were around 300 times more than the target sales; this capitulated Air Jordan to commercial success and paved for other apparel offerings.

How others have followed

A Forbes magazine article cited published data from the 2018-19 fiscal year. Michael Jordan remains the basketball player who earns the most money from the clothes sector, although it has been more than 15 years since his final retirement. And by a significant margin at that.

Jordan made an estimated $130 million that year, which was $40 million more than he earned from all of his NBA contracts combined and $98 million more than LeBron James, a Nike athlete who has an agreement with them.

Other players with endorsements are Kevin Durant ($26 million, Nike), Stephen Curry ($20 million, Under Armor), and the late Kobe Bryant ($16 million, Nike), who round out the top-five players. Indeed, no athlete has come closer to what Michael Jordan has earned from his shoes and apparel line.

How the baggy shorts began

During Jordan’s professional career, he desired to wear his tights beneath, so he requested long shorts to help him feel more comfortable, and the company began manufacturing them.

His colleague Scottie Pippen was the first to wear longer shorts in the 1989-90 season, and others soon followed him. From that point on, baggy shorts started a trend one still sees today. 

The apparel of Jordan Australia combines usefulness with a clean, minimalist aesthetic toward the city. It symbolises outdoor life, featuring a beloved basketball icon. It allows wearers to enjoy the comfort of movement yet express support for a loved athlete.