F95 Zone Review

My husband and I own F95 Zone, which is an outlet store in the UK that sells home appliances, electrical goods, clothing and kids’ goods. Our kids are old enough to shop but we also have to work so we couldn’t take them shopping with us. We looked at a few houses for sale and eventually ended up on F95 Zone’s website. We couldn’t resist the cute little 2-seater kitchen flat with vintage laminate flooring. When we saw the beautifully decorated Georgian house on display we had in mind the exact one we wanted.

The sale was on and the day arrived when mum, dad and twin kids saw the lovely flat for the very first time. They couldn’t believe how much it looked like our own home and my husband’s father immediately called us and said he was going to take one of our children – now suitably dressed – to have a wander around the property. We all thought wow, this f95zone dual family flat is really perfect. So we quickly bought it and brought my dad along to help us.

The f95zone dual family walkthrough showed us the interior. We loved the way the lights were everywhere, even in the dark! We also loved the lovely kitchen appliances the shop had to offer. mum and dad quickly realised how much storage there was under the kitchen and the f95zone was perfect for storing any electrical goods you might need. The fridge freezer was right next to the sink and we found lots of different sized freezers and containers to store food and drink.

Inside the living room, the children loved the retro TV and the old fashioned VCR. Mum and dad quickly realised that the VCR had been manufactured in the 1960s and so was a great nostalgia toy. Unfortunately it didn’t have the audio controls our other kids wanted and my baby wasn’t too fussy. We soon got round to buying the f95zone DVD player though and my kids couldn’t have been more thrilled. It turned out they loved it so much that they wanted to watch the DVD whenever they were bored!

As for the outside view, the f95zone dual family walkthrough offers a great view of the garden from our back door. It’s great for entertaining and offers lots of opportunities for the kids to play. My husband built a small deck for the f95zone and attached it to our fence which has since proved to be a great source of extra income for us. The dual TV is also a nice touch.

The f95zone dual income site has proved to be a real winner for us. It means we don’t have to pay two taxes! The Dual Income F95Zoom also enables us to earn an extra income by allowing visitors to post reviews of the products they have purchased. We are now earning an extra income by selling our unwanted junk through the eBay site. It is really amazing to think that something so simple can make such a difference to our dual income situation.