Factors Affecting the Price of Scaffolding in Kenya

Scaffolding forms an integral part of any work related to construction. This is because it helps construction workers by laying a secure and safe platform for them to operate from. This article lays emphasis on some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing scaffolds.

Kenya is a country that is growing at a very fast rate. The demand for building and construction materials has therefore shot up. Scaffolding materials are part of these and there are many factors that determine their prices. As a potential buyer, you should be well versant with the different types of scaffolds so that you can buy that which solves your needs optimally.

Some of the factors that affect scaffolding prices in Kenya include but not limited to:


This is one of the factors affecting scaffolding prices in Kenya. Scaffolds which are durable and strong will last for a long period of time. You can therefore use the scaffolds for various construction works and they do not have to be limited to just one project. You should also ensure the material used does not rust fast.

Load capacity and total weight of the scaffolds

The higher the load capacity and total weight of the scaffolds the better. This is because it will allow many people to work from here at once. With quality and efficient scaffolds, workers will feel safe and do their work without any worries of accidents occurring at the construction site.

Change of positions

Scaffolds that can easily be rolled and changed into different positions are better. This can be either vertically or horizontally depending on the construction work requirements. This changing of positions enables the workers to reach all areas that require to be worked on without much struggle.


Budgeting in advance is very important as it will help you plan on what to do with your money. You should therefore ensure that the scaffolds you buy for your construction project are within your budget. However, you should be very careful not to compromise quality with your budgetary plans as doing so puts the lives of your workers at a greater risk.

Insurance and the portfolio of the company you are purchasing from

Among the many factors affecting scaffolding prices in Kenya, the above are part of them. This is because the buyer has to look out for a genuine company selling scaffolds of high quality and also providing insurance for workers in case of accidents. Insurance cover makes sure that one is compensated if there is a problem with the purchased scaffolds.


In summary, the prices of the scaffolds in Kenya are determined by factors such as the ones outlined above. It is of merit to note that the article has not exhausted all the factors that may affect these prices and there may be many more that could be added into the list. The bottom line however, is choosing the scaffolds that will guarantee the safety of your employees.