Factors to Consider When Buying Bone Saw Machine, Availability, How to Use

Do you deal with fish, meat or bones? A machine that helps you slice both flesh and bones can be cost-effective: increasing sales and saving time. This article analyzes more about this machine, giving you all the necessary information that you require before purchasing one. Still not convinced? Read on!


A bone saw machine is specifically designed for cutting flesh and bones into smaller pieces. Regardless of the type of meat you handle, it can be a perfect match for you if you deal with fish, meat and bones. Not to mention, it also comes in handy, especially when you own a butchery, meat processing industry or your small fish business at the restaurant.

Factors to consider when buying

Before buying the machine, always check out for the features, enabling you to handle it with ease. Of course, some companies are out there for the money and tend to cut down costs by producing low-quality appliances to increase sales. So, these are the most important features that you should check.


The machine should be made of steel with treatable surfaces for durability. Other materials may not last long due to rusting, especially after being cleaned occasionally. Besides durability, steel also conforms to food hygiene. The saw blade should be sharp and stable, making it easy to use. Its working table should also be spacious for high efficiency and safety.


Regardless of where you obtain the machine, it should be very easy to use. However, efficiency entirely depends on the product’s capabilities to function. Mostly, the bone saw machine price in Kenya determines how well the device can serve you. For instance, cheaper machines tend to have a 6 month warranty while expensive ones go up to 5 years.

When selecting a better machine, make sure it has a broad belt wheel, high-speed blade of at least 15 m/s and good cutting thickness. It has to consume low power but have a powerful rotating motor speed. Its suitability for commercial use also matters since it is suitable for small businesses and industrial use. Generally, efficiency is determined by its capabilities.

Hot to use the machine

Upon receiving the machine, unpack it and read through the technical specifications. Most of these machines function in almost the same way. However, always use it according to the instructions given. To use most of them, here’s how to easily do it. Loosen the gauge plate knob, adjust it to your desired thickness, and then tighten it. Next, turn on the power button.

Using your left hand, lift the meat pusher. Put the produces on the working table between the saw blade and the meat pusher and against the gauge plate. Using the meat pusher, push the produces through the saw blade. Rotate the upper pulley manually after installing the edge to make it run smoothly, and you are good to go.

Availability of the machines

Getting the machine should not be hectic. In Kenya, you can find a bone saw machine across the country from reputable wholesalers. Important to note is that try to compare the bone saw machine prices in Kenya with other online shops to have a clear figure. Sometimes prices may differ due to availability.

When machines are available in plenty, the price is usually reasonable. You can prefer importing a bone saw machine from abroad for high-quality products, but you will incur some shipping costs. Nevertheless, these machines are always available since many businesses like slaughterhouses increase.


When looking for a good bone saw cutting machine, always compare the capabilities, efficiency and features apart from the price. Also, remember to use the user manual for operating it. Armed with such knowledge, you can get yourself a good item. For more, check