Facts you should know about submersible pump uses

A submersible pump is a specially made pump for immersing in a container, a river,  a well, or a tank.The designers of submersible pumps made different types for appropriate immersion purposes.The motor that runs the pump is in an air-tight oil-filled compartment, and it cannot contact the material it pushes.

This article discusses different types of submersible pumps and their applications. The submersible pump came into existence in 1928 and, its first application was in an oil field. They have since then innovated and improved it. Today they utilize it in pools, producing oil, supply of drinking water, wastewater pumping, etc.

Submersible pumps use energy efficiently because the substance they pump enters by its pressure into the pump.These pumps are handy in several ways. They can handle both solids and liquids and help in many ways, from water wells and irrigation to sewage plants. The following are some of the types of submersible pumps and their applications.

Bottom suction submersible pump

Suction Bottom pumps help in river and lake mining to drain water. They come with guide sieves underneath them to prevent the sucking of unwanted solid particles. These pumps are also helpful in emergencies and expeditions.

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Deep well submersible pump

The deep well submersible pump draws water from the wells. The pump is immersed deep into the well. A deep well will require a bigger pump to push water out to a further distance. Therefore, you need to know the size of the pump that can meet your requirements.

The pump size also affects the submersible water pump prices in kenya. A smaller pump is more affordable. However, it might not work as desired when used in larger wells.

Water cooler submersible pump

The water cooler submersible pumps help in the domestic water supply. They are also used in industries and in farming for irrigation. They usually pump clean water. If you want to irrigate a large-scale farm, you will need a pump with higher horsepower.

The big horsepower will allow you to circulate water at a higher speed to cover the farm in a shorter time. The horsepower rating determines the submersible pump price in Kenya. Therefore a pump with high horsepower will be more expensive than that with a lower horsepower rating.

Axial and mixed flow submersible pump

Axial and mixed flow pumps work in water and sewer treatment plants, overflow dirt disposal,  river drainage, and push large flows at pump stations. The piping system is triple sealed to prevent leaking. Triple sealing the pipes also improves the performance of the pumps by prolonging their life to withstand the large volume of water or sewer flow.

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Submersible pumps are more efficient and effective. You only have to ensure that you choose the right pump for your requirements and install it with qualified experts. However, besides making life better, maintaining the system is quite expensive and complicated. During breakdowns, you must retrieve them for repairing and reinstall it again.

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