Filing pedestrian accident lawsuits in Huntington Beach: Things to know

Walking on the busy roads of Huntington Beach has inherent risks. More often than not, drivers do not take enough caution to prevent accidents. If you were a pedestrian who suffered injuries in an auto accident in the area, you should consider seeking legal advice. California law makes it possible for pedestrians (or their respective families) to recover compensation for their losses by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver. In this post, we are discussing the basics of such accidents and how you can choose between injury attorneys Huntington Beach

Proving liability in pedestrian accident lawsuits

To recover compensation for a pedestrian accident case, it is important to prove that the concerned at-fault driver breached the “duty of care” because of their neglect or carelessness. It is also important to show that the victims’ injuries are a direct result of the said accident. Some common causes of pedestrian accidents include speeding, failure to yield, failing to watch out for traffic signs, drunk driving, and texting while driving. 

Damages you can recover

You have a few rights as a pedestrian injured in a car crash. For instance, you have the right to seek medical attention immediately. The damages you can recover from a pedestrian accident lawsuit include medical bills, pain, suffering, and lost wages. While the compensation cannot reverse the damage you have endured, it can help you deal with the financial losses. 

Choosing between pedestrian injury attorney in Huntington Beach

Numerous law firms in Huntington Beach specialize in pedestrian injury lawsuits. Most lawyers would offer a free initial evaluation of your case, and if you are okay with the expected outcome and settlement, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf. If you are hiring a pedestrian injury attorney for the first time, consider their experience as the first factor. The right lawyer is the one who doesn’t step back from taking on the other party and has experience of representing clients in court. You can ask questions related to their fee, but lawyers typically take a contingency fee when it comes to injury lawsuits. If you win a settlement from the pedestrian accident lawsuit, the lawyer will take a part of the settlement as their fee. 

A good lawyer is your best bet for knowing your rights. They can help you recover a settlement that’s fair for your injuries and suffering. Don’t delay calling a lawyer after the accident.