Five Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Garden Hose Pipe in Nairobi

A hose pipe is a flexible pipe designed to carry fluid from one area to another. There are numerous garden hoses in the market and choosing the best one may be the biggest challenge.

A good hose pipe should last for about ten years. But many people who purchase low-quality hose pipes end up replacing them after one year as a result of cracks, leaks, and rots. In this article, we are going to discuss five things to consider before purchasing a garden hose in Nairobi.

1. Length

A hose pipe comes in the length of 25, 50 up to 100. Most people may be tempted to purchase long garden hoses for watering their gardens. Longer hose pipes are heavy, cost more, require a larger storage space, and may reduce the pressure of water coming out.

For small gardens or balconies, a 25-foot hose pipe is enough. Large gardens require about 50 feet to reach the furthest distance. You can purchase two hose pipes and join them together if you need a large hose pipe.

2. Diameter of Hose

Hose pipes come in different diameters. The most common diameters are ½inch, ⅝ inch, and ¾ inch diameter. Hose with a large diameter can hold more water than those with a small diameter. Hose with small diameters is used for light tasks like watering small gardens.

Hose pipes with large diameters are used in tasks that require high pressure like sprinklers or washing cars.

3. Material and Budget

Hose pipe prices in Nairobi may differ according to the quality and material. There are many varieties of hose pipes in the market made up of different materials. Some hose include

Rubber hoses

They are durable and last longer than vinyl hose pipes. In addition, they are heavier and a little bit expensive. They are designed to tolerate sun rays and are less likely to leak.

Vinyl hoses

Vinyl hose pipes are cheap and light. They are prone to leaking, splitting, and kinking. In addition, they fast under the intense sun. For people who can’t afford other types of hose pipe, a vinyl hose may be efficient for light duties like watering container plants.

 Hoses reinforced with mesh

They are designed for heavy tasks. Vinyl and rubber hoses leach chemicals into the water and make it unsafe for drinking. If you want safe water for drinking you may consider purchasing a polyurethane hose.

4. Flexibility

The Garden hose should be strong and also flexible. However, excess flexibility may lead to constant kinks. A better garden hose should not kink when bent in the shape of a U. Rubber and reinforced hose are less likely to kink compared with others.

5. Couplings

Hose couplings attach to sprinklers, spigots, or nozzles  at the end sides. Plastic couplings are prone to leaks, breakage, or even cracks. In addition, they break quickly when left in the sun for a long time. These types of couplings should be avoided.

Brass couplings are the best as they are more resistant to leaks. Make sure all couplings contain rubber washers inside to avoid leaks.

A hose pipe is a great tool for car washing or watering your garden. Choosing the right hose pipe can save you money and time. If you are looking for a better garden hose pipe to purchase in Nairobi this article might help.